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Dig To Uncover Last Remaining Model Of WW1 Battlefield - Cannock Chase

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by BernardR, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. BernardR

    BernardR Guest

    [h=1]Dig to uncover last remaining model of WW1 battlefield built in tribute to 50,000 killed comrades[/h]
    "A dig is set to begin to uncover Britain's last remaining model of one of World War One's bloodiest battlefields.
    Surviving soldiers from the Battle of Messines Ridge in 1917 made the mock battlefield - complete with trenches, dugouts and wire - on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, as a tribute to their dead comrades".

    The full article can be read HERE.
  2. sospiri

    sospiri Ex-pat Brummie

    Thanks for the link, Bernard. I wonder if any photographs were taken at the time?

  3. aston lad

    aston lad master brummie

    Maurice......Yes, but not very clear or good to be honest, there is book named " A town for four Winters" its all about the WW11 camps on Cannock Chase, its worth buying if you can get a copy, second it will cost around £20, but I think you can buy it from Cannock Museum for less than £10.......I live close to where the above is and I cannot wait to see it fully, the only problem is that its very close to were we feed the deer...
  4. sospiri

    sospiri Ex-pat Brummie

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