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Derringtons brick makers


master brummie
If you can it may be worth reading a copy of The Trade Associations of Birmingham Brick Masters 1864 to 1933 published in 1933 by Albert H Stephenson there are a number of Mentions of Derringtons in the book, the firm goes back to 1864, Leopold St,

I am researching the family of DERRINGTON who were brick makers in Dartmouth Street. Has anyone any photo's or info on the family please. ( 1870-1920)


proper brummie kid
Hi Kooglescriber
sorry i must have over looked your request , if you aint got one i will get you one tommorrow
As i will be at my office at some point tomorrow as my office is just around the corner from them
best wishes Astonian,,,,
Hi Estonian,
It's been quite a while since I was on the site, and just reading your replies to my thread, I wonder if you still have the photo
and could post it.
Best wishes