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Demolition of Flats in Chelmsley Wood.

Discussion in 'Neighbours & Streets' started by Wendy, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Here are some photo's I found in the loft taken in the 1980's. I am sure someone will know which two blocks these were.
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  2. alana124

    alana124 master brummie

    I am sure they were the ones right by the town centre
  3. The Baron

    The Baron master brummie

    I bet those cars needed a clean after the dust cloud reached them.I was on a hill just by the Centruriotn Pub that day videoing the event,had to make a hasty retreat when it reached us LOL
  4. kmt123

    kmt123 master brummie

    one of the flats was pendrall house, can't think of the names of the others
  5. cookie273uk

    cookie273uk master brummie

    Yes I watched the demolition from the top floor of my 3 story town house in Conway Road, it was adjacent to the shopping centre, building on left (opposite bus) is C/W police station, road on the right is Chelmsley Road, nothing could be seen for some time afterwatds because of the dust. Photo must have been taken from top of multi-story car park. Eric
  6. mariew

    mariew master brummie

    We watched from the shopping centre car park.
  7. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    You are right one was Pendrell can't think of the other.
    Dr Pomeroy pushed the plunger to bring them down.
    He used to have the photos in his surgery.

    I watched from opposite, we lived in Conway road.(the flats were on the corner of Perch Avenue/Chelmsley road.
    When the dust cloud came we rushed home and shut the door to get away from it,unfortunately left the bedroom windows open and we could smell dust for days.

    It was 1987.
  8. Robert

    Robert master brummie

    Alberta i thought the local paper The Chelmsley Wood News ran a compotision to find a winner to push the "button", and it was won by the landlord of the Centurion, Gerry something or other.
  9. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry the year is incorrect.
    2 events happened in our family one late 1988 ,the other early 1889.
    The photos of these 2 events were on the same roll of film as the demolition and the photography developers lost the film,just great.
    So it is either 88/89

    Dr Pomeroy had the photo in his office and I don't know of any other Chelmsley flats that were 'blown up'
  10. Robert

    Robert master brummie

    Perhaps they pused one button each.
  11. cookie273uk

    cookie273uk master brummie

    I think there have been others, I believe the council wish to remove as many tower blocks as possible from Chelmsley Wood as most people prefer a house. Having said that my sister in law lived in one of those flats and she liked them, she is now back in a flat, 6th floor Kingsgate House adjacent to the blocks which were demolished. Eric
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  12. Mayfield

    Mayfield Burbury Brummie

    I was there............ the dust covered everyone. Mabz
  13. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    Funny how so many of us on here were there. We came from Tamworth to see the event and took our boys. The eldest was just getting interested in photography and he took the photo's.
  14. brumgum

    brumgum Proud to be a Brummie!

    Was the other Dunford House?.
  15. Dave89

    Dave89 master brummie

    Hi All,

    They're just finishing the demolition of 2 blocks of flats
    in Kingfisher Drive, Smith's Wood. Not as spectacular,
    though, as these were stripped out, and demolished
    from the top down.

    Kind regards

  16. sheila j

    sheila j New Member

    the other name of the flat was Grantley House, which my sister had lived in many years before on the forth floor over looking the river
  17. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sheila, it was,they named the road where they replaced the flats with houses.Grantley Drive.

    Welcome to the forum,you will enjoy it here.
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  18. Derek G Morris

    Derek G Morris New Member

    Hi, I have just registered with this site for the first time because I am very interested in the photo's you have of the flats being demolished in Perch Avenue, Chelmsley Wood, my son who now lives in California is trying to put together a scrapbook containing where he grew up and we used to live in Pendrell House which was one of those flats, i am unsure how to access your photo's as I am not used to this site yet.


  19. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    Hello Derek it seems the site gremlin has been at work again. I am not sure what has happened to the photo's they seem to have disapeared I will try and re post them. My son took the photo's and he is away at the moment but I can scan them again and send them to you when he gets back..
  20. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    [​IMG][​IMG]I will try and repost these as it won't allow me to insert[​IMG] on the appropriate posts
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