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DEEDS OF a burial plot

Discussion in 'Help, advice, tips and tricks!' started by Astonian, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    HI GUYS ;
    I Hope i am in the correct slot for asking this question as i am looking for advice on how to track down the deeds for a burial plot of an ancester of mine whom is burried within the yardley cemetry birmingham;
    Is there any records deparment you can contact as to whether or not i can trace them or is it just a private member of family
    but saying that there is no family members left now as they have all passed away
    I would be very grateful for any such info; anybody can give me
    I wish you all a happy Easter and ladies go steady on the chocolate wach those calories ;
    best wishes Astonian ; Alan;;
  2. pollypops

    pollypops master brummie

    Hi Alan, I do not have any family in Yardley cemetery but generally I think when a grave is purchased all the details are put in a register and the purchaser is issued with the deeds. If the burial plot was a family grave - for more than one burial - the deeds are usually passed down the family as they have to be shown when the next person needs to be buried there. I am not sure if it is possible to get a copy of the actual deeds - I think only the next of kin would be able to do that as they prove ownership of the grave. But you should be able to find out the details that are in the register.
    Probably the best thing to do is to contact the cemetery - you can email them on yardleycem&crem@birmingham.gov.uk or 0121 708 1831 or 0121 708 2183 and they might be able to tell you if they have the records there.

    Happy Easter to you to Alan - I will try and be good and not eat too much chocolate
  3. BernardR

    BernardR Guest

    I agree Polly I have mislaid the deeds to a plot originally bought by my first wife's Grandfather when his wife died. I must find it as family members more directly in line than me or my children have shown interest.
  4. josietrue

    josietrue gone but not forgotten

    you are right pollypops only next of kin can hold deeds
    but they can be transfered. When i held the deeds to my moms grave i had them transfered to my nephew, he paid to have them transfered into his name. You can go to a undertaker to have this done but the person who holds the deeds has to be present to sign.
  5. pollypops

    pollypops master brummie

    I hope you find them Bernie - although something to bear in mind is that they may have expired - most graves are 'leased' for a fixed period of time and when this expires the lease has to be renewed. The deeds would confirm the lease time and may also prove the right to renew the lease if needed - but if you can't find them birth/marriage/death certificates or wills would probably do the same.
  6. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    My husband has 2 brothers one older , one younger their father died in 2006 and his youngest son arranged the funeral and then gave the deeds to my husband
    I got in touch with the authority to ask who owned them and they said the last person to sign for the grave to be opened.
  7. pollypops

    pollypops master brummie

    Was it an existing grave Alberta? If so I think it must depend on how hot the staff are on legal matters. I have two sisters and when we were arranging for our mothers ashes to be put in the plot she had bought for my father (and space for herself) they would not let just one of us sign as legally it belonged to my mother and so was part of her estate and therefore unless she had left it to one of us in a will it was assumed that it belonged to all of us.
  8. sistersue61

    sistersue61 master brummie

    We have the deeds for burial plots both in Oscott Cemetry, which only has space for interment of ashes now (dads family) and for moms nan and grandad in Yardley Crem. We knew that other family members were buried at Yardley, but had no idea where, so I contacted them, on the details Pollypops has given and they were really helpful, told us where the plot was and who was buried there and when, so well worth contacting them.
    If the family you are looking for are all dead Alan, the deeds will have gone to the main beneficiary of the last person to dies will, if that makes sense, alternatively, to their solicitors at the time of death, that is what happened with my uncles wifes family.
  9. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    HI guys ;
    many thanks to you all for your brillient advice which i have taken on board
    i will contact the reg of graves at yardley then now i know that and rack down there old solicters they have all passed away even my moter whom was the last remaing member of his family as she was is only child and daughter thee was no other member to this family
    so many thanks to one and all and i wish you all a very happy easter ; thank you ALAN ;ASTONIAN;;
  10. Frank24722

    Frank24722 New Member

    Hi Astonia, just been reading this thread and just wondered if you needed to open up this grave urgently or is there
    some other reason you need the deeds? Have you tried contacting the cemetary?
    Regards Frank
  11. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    HI FRANK ;
    Happy Easter ;
    The only reason i want to get a copy of the deeds are for a legal reasons only as i know there is only two people withi the grave
    which is my grand mother and father and as i have previously stated my mother was the only child to this couple
    grand mother died before my grand father and they are both burried in the same plot
    i did afew years back go to yardly cem; and got a plot number and was shown where there grave is thanks to the staff whom was very good indeed
    on the day i went to enquire i waited for about twenty mins and they gave the plot number and pointed me to the direction
    along with the map which i still have
    I cannot state anymore than that as its a cofidencial matter i am pursuing which in my mind should have been dealt with many years ago;
    thats all i will say ; [ frank] i come from ladywood what part do you come from; ? so does my wife she came from clarke street
    and went to the osley street school and she lived oppersite the school in fact and she went to the orrity in plough and harrow school
    Happy easter frank ; best wishes Astonian;;
  12. Frank24722

    Frank24722 New Member

    Hi Astonia,
    Oh I see, not a problem. I come from Parker St Ladywood.
    Regards Frank

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