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Decipher addresses


knowlegable brummie
Hi, could you please decipher address on censuses, bit difficult on mobile.

Thomas 1819 and Phoebe 1820 Whitehouse born Oldbury, Worcestershire. Living in Birmingham.

1851 HO107 2051 Christchurch

1861 RG9 2131 Ladywood

I've been stuck on Benjamin and spouse Ann but after coming across transcript error - 1861 Whetchon instead of Whitehouse they fit Benjamin 1853 better, plus first female born was Phoebe.



knowlegable brummie
could you post us the census record in question please..


Unsure what you want (sorry an age thing or too much running :) ) however enclosed actual Censuses. Looking for address on both.



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The 1851 is 2 back 13 Cambridge St, but it is not clear if the "2" means that there is a 1 back 13 Cambridge St, as the next house is 1 back 12 Cambridge St. No 13 had gone by the time of the c1889 map below, but no 13 would have been about where the red marker is

map c1889 showing where 13 Cambridge st St would once hav ebeen.jpg