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Death enquiry.

I am looking for information regarding my best friend who died in a traffic accident whilst I was in the Army, his name was Brian Phipps, his father was the caretaker of Gem street school around 1966ish, he had two brothers and one sister who formed a pop group, I know that Terry Phipps played the drums. They also lived in Bolton road Small Heath for a short time, I remember he didn't have his mother living with him for some reason. I lived at 315 Bolton road at the time, and went to Oakley road school, Hope someone can help me I have been searching for years, my mother said it was published in the Birmingham post newspaper. Thanking you all in advance.


Master Barmmie
Would this accident be around January 1972?

The name Brian Phipps appears, but you may not want the details be to be placed on the Forum. Do you have the private messaging enabled, I could send via that source.


master brummie
It is on already. Private messages on here are called "conversations". To send one to Pedrocut click on his name next to his avatar and then "start conversation". Only you and he will see those messages.