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DD Franklin


master brummie
Anybody got any info on DD Franklin Wigorn Road Bearwood, my Grandfather worked there as a French Polisher back in the 20's .Had a look on Google Maps but is all Houses now and no results of the said Company, thank you


1915 Kellys gives some idea of businesses, perhaps a way of working out roughly where 101 was?
West side lower half, east side top half
Wigorn-rd-R.jpgWigorn rd K.PNG


master brummie
If you assume that the first house after Abbey Road on the West Side (left, bottom) is 135 and count down sequentially then 119 appears to be the house next to the opening for the sand pits, which fits.

Again, assuming there is no gap in the numbering for the sand pit entrance then no. 101 would appear to be the last house before Upper St Mary's Road?


master brummie
Just checked 1911 census and 101 Wigorn Road was listed on that as a private house - so he either had a workshop at the house or perhaps he went out to places to carry out French polishing.
According to the census record in 1911 there were 4 rooms.
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master brummie
Assuming that I have the right houses (which is far from certain) there appears to be a fairly large building at the end of the garden.

Alternatively, if this from the 1921 census perhaps the employer question was misunderstood and his home address was listed rather than the workplace?


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I cannot give a reference, but seem to remember reading somewhere that French polishers often visited to repair items on site. Thus would not have a real workshop


master brummie
Agree Mike that is why I suggested he went out to places. I understood that they visited furniture on site to restore the polish - so to speak.