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Date of the 1871 census


master brummie
Have you tried name variants Nick? Some of the transcriptions are slightly out due to the poor enumerator script, making it difficult to read.
If you are still struggling, if you want to give details, one of us will look as well, sometimes other people find it quicker than you, as I know well!!!

brummie nick

master brummie
Hi Sue, thanks for the offer of a look up, the name I'm interested in is, Mary Dance, her father should be James, and the mother Elizabeth, I believe he is a soldier, and should be stationed in Newport.
Thanks again Nick


master brummie
I believe this to be the family,but there doesn't appear to be a Mary?
Address: Dos Road, St Woollos Newport, Monmouthshire
James Dance, Head aged 35 born 1836 Worcestershire
Eliza Dance, Wife aged 30 born 1841 Ireland
Harriet Dance, Daughter aged 10 born 1861 Ireland
Sarah Dance, Daughter aged 8 born 1863 West Indies
Elizabeth Dance, Daughter aged 4 born 1867 Scotland
By 1881 the family are at
3, Court 1 Bolton St, Aston,but I presume you already have this?

brummie nick

master brummie
That's the family the Sarah mentioned is my Grandmother she was born in Barbados west indies, as James was a soldier serving there at the time,
I do have a birth certificate for Mary but he family name has been incorrectly transcribed has Dence she was born on the 7th July 1871, so now I know the census was taken on the Sunday 2nd of April, it does mean that she wouldn't have been born then.
Thanks for all the help you've all given me Regards Nick