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Dares the Builders


master brummie
Hi vivienne14 this is a great post for me as the photo of the pair of houses in the advert is of 555 Shirley road which I owned in the 1980s.I completely gutted the place including all the Windows which I replaced in cottage style including Bullions, l then rendered all the exterior and built the porch that is still there I see.these houses were really well built and gave very little in the way of problems. Regards Acklam19.


Brummie Dude
I remember there Logo. "Dare to Build".

Dare H. & Son Ltd. building contrctrs. 962 Alum Rock rd.
Ward. End 8. 'Stechford 5931/7
Dare H. & Son (Northern) Ltd. estate development, 962
Alum Bock rd. Ward End 8. Stechford 593: /7
Dare H. & Son (Southern) Ltd. contrctrs. 962 Alum Rock
rd 8. Stechford 5931/7
Dares Estates Ltd. holding company, 962 Alum Rock rd.
Ward End 8. Steohford 5931 If
Dares (Investments) Ltd investment company, 962 Alum
Rook rd 8.


master brummie
Two roads in Yardley appear to have been named after members of the Dare family.