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D DAY planning


master brummie
Hello there, I seem to remember reading somewhere that almost all the D
Day planning was done in Birmingham, the staff took over quite a number
of schools in the area! when you think about the logistics envoled it is
staggering, the food, the water, fuel for tanks, lorries etc, field hospitals and so on, what would we have done without the Americans and their
mighty dollars? Bernard


master brummie
Hi Bernard. I'm would be interested to know more about this, is it possable for you to expand on it. It's a period of WW2 that i'm particularly keen to know more about. I have studied operations Overlord and Neptune from a naval aviation perspective but know little else about the planning of the main operations. Cheers


gone but not forgotten
I remember a massive convoy of American troops and armour coming up the Coventry Rd towards the Swan island about 2weeks before D/Day heading towards Tyseley junction to go by train to the South embarkation ports, Brum supplied a tremendous amount of weapons of war but i don`t think any planning of Overlord was done in Brum, i could be wrong because every thing was top secret. Len.

norfolk brummie

gone but not forgotten
We lived in Anderton Road, Sparkbrook, and a short time before D-Day, suddenly hundreds of soldiers appeared, and used Anderton Road, Cartland Road, Grace Road and White Road for practice. Moving from house to house, entry to entry, they were ducking and diving all over the place. Luckily the locals, although not knowing why the troops were practicing house to house fighting, were quite interested, and a young boy of 10/11years of age, I thought it was wonderful.