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Cycle Speedways


knowlegable brummie
I started the cycle speedway track in Balsall Heath road, That came to be known as the Birmingham Lions, after watching a school mate racing for the Panthers on the BSA site, I came back from there and marked out the track and it all started from then on, I use to ride for the Lions but was no good. I never been any good at any sport, But I am chuffed I was the founder.


Super Moderator
Staff member
This is a 1950 Birmingham Mail photo which shows the new cycle speedway track at Bromford. Anyone remember it ? Viv.



master brummie
That's a great photo Viv! I do remember that it was Bromford Bridge. There were many tracks and I rode some of them. I recall Saltley Saints had a great track to ride. I don't recall the name of the road but it was on the Number 8 bus route going up to Small Heath from Saltley across from a paint factory.
Dave A