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Crocketts Road, Handsworth 1901


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I'm trying to find out anything about 116 Crocketts Road, Handsworth in and around 1901 when the census shows a William Howell present as a "coal dealer and greengrocer" although I believe it was owned and run by John Howell.

Does anybody have access to any records or trade directories that prove it was a shop at or around that time ?


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In the 1900 edition of Kellys (which would refer to 1899) 116 is listed as Arthur Satchwell, shopkeeper. In the 1903 edition (which would refer to 1902), it is listed as John Howell, shopkeeper. Even if it was owned and run by John, he might not necessarily have lived there.


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Hi Mike
I Hope you do not mind me butting in on this one, but i would like to say reading your thread on crockets road
I Can go back a little further than kellys, i have in text Crockets road Handsworth
In researching his family history Jack Crocket found that his family ancestors were benefactors to the local communetity
A Thomas crocket was the keeper of the New Inn. on the Holly Road , in the late 1700s His son john
Followed His father as a publican, became an overseer of the poor and gave land for a chapel of ease,thus
Leading to Chapel Street,this became the church of Saint James,
In FREDERICK Hackwood, s History of Handsworth 1908,
John Crocket was Praised as a Gentlemanly host of the old school who conducted his public house
more like a private house
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