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Crime and Punishment in Victorian times


I was recently given a book titled "Birmingham The Sinister Side" published by " Wicked Publications"
222 Highbury Road, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 9FE England. There are about 40 cases of people sent to prison etc. for very petty crimes, example. Sent down for 3 months for stealing a hankerchief ( 1870).
There are also good pictures of slum areas right in the City of Birmingham. Also a few murders are recorded.


Geff I have had this book for a long time its very interesting thanks for the reminder.


master brummie
Nothing to do with the book but a post on a thread which has been closed by mods had me thinking.
Are there any members out there whose ancestors were birched and was it effective in deterring them from a life of crime?
My own great grandfather was given 6 strokes of the birch in 1895 for stealing pigeons. He was 9 years old at the time.
In his case it seemed to be no deterrent at all and his criminal career, mainly assault Police and drunkeness, (As per Birmingham City Police records) continued up until 1914 when he enlisted into the army in an attempt to avoid pending criminal charges (Unsuccessfully). He later re-enlisted and served in the Royal Warks. Reg. and survived the war.
Later in life he was charged with grieviously injuring my grandmother but was acquitted when she withdrew the charges despite being hospitalised with a fractured skull.
He's not a man I am particularly proud to have in my family tree, but I do wonder whether that initial birching had a detrimental effect on his outlook towards authority.