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Coventry Road


master brummie
Probably on the corner of Cyril Road and Coventry Road.
Cyril road was between Whitmore Road and Henshaw Road.


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From 1912 kellys (which would refer to c 1911(
COVENTRY ROAD—continued.​
here is Cyril rd​
411 Notley William John M.D.,
411 Notley John L.B.C.P. &
S.Edin. surgeon
413 Holloway Hy. tobacconist
415 Astley Frank, hairdresser
417 Bollen W. L. & Sons,
pianoforte dealers
419 Urry Win. Jsph. furn.dlr
421 Hedges & Son, chemists
423 Harris Joseph&Sons, dyers
425 Rains JohnWm.ironmngr
427 Sheldon Harry Alfred,
gas fitter
429 Nightingale Charles,
picture framer
431 DightamMontague,printr
437 Jerrim James Henry,
437 James Teeth Co
439 RidgwaySaml.R.cyclema
441 Chare Edwin, furn. dlr​
here is Henshaw rd
M ike

Elaine Gee

Brummie babby
Hi there,

I am looking for old photo's of Coventry Road c1900-1920, Yardley, Particularly a dentist or dental school? Somebody helped me out with Aston a while back now.