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Coronation Celebration Erdington

Lynda Harvey

Brummie Born and Bred
I came across this photo the other day of the coronation party of my friends and neighbours of Abbey Road and St Thomas Road Erdington. The picture was taken outside of our back garden in Abbey Road on the right. I cannot remember all the names now will try and list some of the families who were there:-
The Andersons, the Shepherds, the Woolastons, the Whites, the Winkworths, the Haywoods, the birds, the Davis's the Parkes tje Newhalls, the Phones, the Lorenzens, the Rileys, the Harris, the Pughs and many more. It really is good to see the old faces from 55 years ago.

unable to replace personal photo
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Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Lynda what a great photo it just about sums up what we have lost over the years. Togetherness, Happiness Sharing Caring & Love.


master brummie
Staff member
Great photo. Yes, everyone does look happy. Must have taken some
organizing to get everyone in place. Thanks for posting.

Denise Hodson

master brummie
Lovely photo, I received this Coronation photo from my cousin this morning, not sure if it was taken in Beale Street or Bright Street in Aston. Again everyone looks so happy


lovely photos of erdington coronation nobody bothers anymore they do all look really happy.


EX Pat. The Penguin
Great Photo........I was three y o. Lived in South Rd ..Erdington.
Mum had photos.. I remember the flags and bunting and i was wearing one of those coats with the felt collars..
HAPPY TIMES.........
Were there Street Parties for William and Kates wedding??????

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Thanks Lynda and Denise for sharing those with us. I have on and will ave to sort it out. Things just ain't what they used to be are they?. Jean.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
I would love to know where this was taken. It just had Coronation on the back. Jean. PS Just had a closer look and I think it reads on the window "Dining room upstairs". It could well be Mr Minty's cafe in Franchise street?.

Denise Hodson

master brummie
Lynda just had a look at your photo from 2009, you say there were the Pughs in the group, my grandparents were called Pugh I wonder if they were related to my family Denise