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cooper hawk



Hi Annie how on earth did you get the hawk home!! Welcome back!


hunter of ancestry
wendy it was the hawk that let me bring her home...she let me pick her up hold even comfort her ..she her self crawled in my backpack ...no word of a lie. I can't warp my head around but it was a honor that she let get close to help ... no clawing or biting from her what so ever


hunter of ancestry
Good news everyone the hawk is doing well an the wildlife people may be letting her go today or tomorrow i ask to be there when they do

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Annie please keep up informed about her progress. You sure have the knack with all sorts of animals. Jean.


hunter of ancestry
this little groundhog was on the side of the road
this ground hog was on the side of the road so i stop to take pics and he let get close enough to pet himIMG_0004_1.JPG