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Converting from ?


master brummie
Is it possible to convert a photo from Spaceball to jpeg , if so how ??
Thank you ....... ragga .:)


master brummie
Cheers fatfinger , no luck yet , is paintbox a program ??
why do they have spaceball for a photo ??
which you cannot open ,
ragga ........


master brummie
Sorry, think its called paint these days.

If you got XP its in accessories.

You can cut and paste your picture, send it, or if you press the print screen button while its on the screen, you might be able to click on edit in paint, then paste. should put the whole page on, then use the paint program to crop it.

Dunno much (anything) about it, its just what I'd try meself.


Brummie yes ! Novice no !
Hi ragga,

I'd never heard of Spaceball - it appears that it is a ' protected ' GIF ( graphic interchange format ) file.
I use Paint Shop Pro which can do and convert most things - if you have a spaceball file I'm willing to give it a go in PSP to
see if it will convert it.


Brummie yes ! Novice no !
Is that the film with the scene where somebody sneezes while wearing a spacesuit & helmet ?
I believe it is - another Mel Brooks ' classic ' - I'm not sure he'd get away with half of the things he did these days - the nanny brigade gone mad ! Who can forget Blazing Saddles, the Producers or History of the World ?


master brummie
Some images at Flickr are weakly protected with an image overlay called spaceball.gif.
Whenever you right-click the image to save it you do save spaceball.gif instead which is a 1×1 pixel image showing nothing at all.
The same happens if you try to drag the image to your desktop or hard drive.

If you are using Firefox, there is an article here:


You'll need to have the Adblock extension installed.

If you type 'spaceball.gif' into google, there are are few more methods for Internet Explorer etc.


master brummie
Thanks printmeister for understanding what it is , i will try what you said and i`ll let
you know ..........and thank you for everyone else for trying .
regards ragga :)