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CONDITION RED: AIR RAID IMMINENT -Policing Birmingham during world war II

Steve R

master brummie
I thought I would let you know about the latest offering from the West Midlands police museum. We have now launched our next book, the title explains it all. Many new and previously unseen pictures from the police archives together with very interesting information from police orders and watch committee meetings. We continue to work towards turning the former Steelhouse Lane Lock - Up into the next police museum and all profits from the sale of this book go towards the fund raising we are currently undertaking. To compliment the book we are also having two talks on the subject which will be held at the Lock - Up on the 9th February. These will be events with an hour for the talk itself and an hour to walk around the facility and browse in our shop where you can purchase the book for £9.99

Full details can be found on WMPeelers.com

Also on sale in the shop are a small selection of other books that are currently only on sale through the museum.

Steve R


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