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Completely don't belong here - but Wish it did....


master brummie
Found this on you tube, a place near Manchester, I found it so interesting, surely there must have been similar ones from Birmingham. I would love to see home movies in Brum of Weddings, demolitions or anything from 60's 70's , our members must have something...



master brummie
Thanks so much for posting that link Kev. Made me weep to watch it, remembering similar destruction of our beautiful city. You're right - I do hope somebody on here has kept a record and can show it to us one day. How many times have I wished that we had had a camera when I was young :cry:


master brummie
Thank You Millie, I found it somehow emotional too, as it was easy to envisage how it must have been here.:(

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Thanks Kevkonk for that. Did you notice life just going on around as if nothing was hapening?. You wouldn't be allowed within a mile of a demolition site today. So sad to watch that. Jean.


master brummie
Yeah, today big boards with an entrance go up surrounding the area, then a bloke comes and paints them white a week or two later, then when the demolition starts a bloke has got to patrol the boundary. I wonder if the boards are re-used?


I have no idea where this is from or what it is about really but someone might find it funny or interesting.