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Comore Row 1904



Birmingham Express Milnes Daimler 1904


  • BME Milnes-Daimler 20hp 16+2RO1904-1906 Council House Colmore Row.jpg
    BME Milnes-Daimler 20hp 16+2RO1904-1906 Council House Colmore Row.jpg
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master brummie
ROD.  Another great photo.  Seeing it reminds me of a photo we have of my wife's Uncle.  He worked in Spalding, Lincs on the railway.   He is pictured with his lorry.  The cab is open like the bus and it has solid tyres and no mudguards.  Just wondered if anyone could put a date to it, although l suppose its a case of how old was the lorry in the first place at the time the photo was taken.  I believe it has a registration plate on it so that may help in some way.  At the moment my Daughter has it so if any interesting answers come about l shall have to get in touch with her.


master brummie
Yes Rod a great picture!

It's almost certainly one of six Milnes-Daimler 16-20 hp double-deckers (registered O264 to O269) new to Birmngham Motor Express Co Ltd in April and May 1904 (and passing to the new BMMO the following year). The body is by the Milnes Car Co Ltd (of Hadley, Shropshire) and is technically described as O18/16RO+2 (open-top double-decker with rear entrance and open staircase seating 18 upstairs 16 downstairs and an extra 2 next to the driver!). In Midland Red Volume 1 (by Gray, Keeley and Seale) there's a picture of O266 in Sandon Rd, Bearwood in 1905 (page 15).

Is there a story that goes with your picture?


proper brummie kid
I remember seeing this photo some time ago, but don't seem to be able to view. Any chance you could re-submit please ? Thank you


Staff member
hi brian i am sorry to say that rod is no longer with us but maybe one of our other members may have saved the photo and can repost it for you



Gone, but not forgotten.
I have reposted what I believe to be the missing image to this thread.