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I worked at the Litchfield branch of Collis Radio as a TV field engineer in the late sixties to early seventies for five years or so. The shop manager when I first started was Malcolm Woodward-Bennet followed by Pete Avery then Graham Felton. The service team was headed up by the manager Harry Booker, engineers were Graham Wood, Tony Marsden, Mervyn ..... myself and Bench Engineer Ron. There was also an engineer Mike ....who emigrated to Canada and sold me his AVO 8 for a fiver which I still have. If you drew the short straw and got the Burton on Trent run it was around a hundred miles a day and twenty calls. Still I enjoyed every minute of it. Collis was a great employer, pay and conditions were among the best in the trade which gave a lot of deserved loyalty to the company. Happy days and fond memories!
I've just spotted this post from some 6 years ago :) I had a Saturday job at Collis in Lichfield in 1968, working with Graham Felton. I seem to recall that it came about via a good friend of mine from Rushall (I lived in Shelfield at the time) called Mike "Inky" Perry. I think he worked on the fixing side, ie he was good with a soldering iron. Graham and I got on very well, as we both collected soul and Motown records, and when he went to take on the Walsall shop the following year I went with him. We ended up deejaying together at various venues for some time afterwards. I'm still in contact with him and we meet up occasionally.

I can't recall many other names from back then, but I know Graham's friend Paul Lomas used to help out as well, and down at the Walsall shop I recall Ella Bamford on the reception desk, and George Dovey came along later as well. I also dimly recall somebody at, I think, the Lichfield shop who lived in Norton Canes and I went out with his daughter a couple of times, and they moved to Canada some time later...I don't think it was because of me :)

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Hi, i came across your post and was wondering if you could help? I’m researching genealogy for my wife. We are looking for any leads on past employees who worked at DER TV rentals that served Castle Vale in the mid 1960s. Do you know the addresses of the shops that may have served the Vale back in the 60s?
Thanks. Lee.
Hi Lee
I started work on the vale in 1972 so carnt help regarding the 60’s. What exactly are you looking for?