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Coldstreamers Begging in London Streets


master brummie
An appeal fund has been set up called" Support the Coldstream Guards in Afghanistan" they are there til
April 2010.The appeal is one of the many charities set up to help alleviate the finanical burden on service
families. and The Daily Express says it is shameful that our lads are begging in the streets.I disagree with
their view, its a really worthwhile cause and if the great british public want to donate I would not call that
begging, would you?? I myself recently purchased a 2010 calendar and a wall clock, complete with a
capstar off the Net, with the proceeds going to this very fund. I wish the lads in my old Regiment all the
Best for Christmas and the New Year, Keep your heads down lads and come back safely, all of you
22214003 L/Cpl Bernard Arnold


gone but not forgotten
Hi Bernard
where can i purchase these items from i would like to get hold of these items myself
i certainly would buy them
why are our guys suffering like this . as the british legion stopped helping our exservives men and ladies with support . they do have a couple of departments whom deal with things like this
after service for finnancial support for them and there familys under various cirmumstances
whether they was injured or not ;or homeless even with funneral arrangments of there familys
and not just because they was killed in action its supports there emediate familys
if the person has served in he forces they used to get the financeal support from the legion
and the goverment bodies ;
but the saddest thing today for you to be elegible from the council departments is you have to be over 45 years of age and with proven medical history of bad health by your doctor
failing that .they reject you . come with a army of kids and un marrid either frombeing born here or abroad they welcome you with open arms and you get accomadated
theres no justice today .and its becoming a fight of survival i am afraid
i would like to say more on this but i am not allowed to say
and its not prejuiced what i want to say of some-think i know about a certain thing and its not a rasics remark either and it concerns the legion its some-think i know about first hand and have kept it from the press
which was of public intrest
have a merry christmas bernard and a happy new year to you and all
Astonian ;;;


master brummie
My thanks to those who have asked abour donations, the link above by brummie will give you most of the info required, the calendars have been reduced so I should
order now before they all go, thanks again Bernard