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Coates family


New Member
Hello, new to this forum, and hoping to find out some info to flesh out part of my family tree.

At the moment, I'm researching the Coates family.

They started life at Cirencester, but between 1853 and 1861, they moved to Aston, where they ran the Aston Hall Refreshment rooms.

The family consisted of George b.1816 Cirencester, his wife Ellen Wharton b 1816 Freshford Somerset.
The children were

Emily Coates b1844 Cirencester
Henry Giles Coates b.1846 Cirecester
Robert thomas Coates b.1847
Sarah Ann b.1848 Cirencester
Alfred James b.1851 Cirencester
Caroline b.1853 Cirencester/Birmingham area(not found her christening yet)
Annie Jane Coates b.1857 Aston.

I first saw the family in Aston park in the 1861 census.

In 1866, the Coates family tendered for running the Aston Refreshments rooms, and won it at a grand cost of £50.00 per annum.

Husband George died later that year, but wife Ellen carried on with the business, and it says that she held Christmas balls, would love to know of any more info about that.
Apparently at some stage they lived in Union Street, at other times they lived in what was called Lower Ground Cottages at Aston Hall.

George was a confectioner, as was his son Alfred James.

Henry giles Coates, aged 15, was living as a boarder at 25 Hatchett? Street, Birmingham,working as a gunsmith in the 1861 census. He married Fany Emma Birch at St Georges, Birmingham on the 27th june 1871.
Haven't found him yet in the 1881 census.
1891 and the family are at 145 Breamly Street, he's now working as a brass caster, I have no idea what that is yet.
By 1901, they have moved to Essex.

Robert Thomas Coates m Elizabeth Vale in 1872 at Aston.
1881 sees the family at 24 Hampton Street Birmingham, he's working as a gun barrel finisher.
By 1891 the family have moved to what looks like Back of no 37 Tower Street, no 1, he's now working as a gun barrel finisher.
The 1901 census he's at 73a Guildfod Street, but can't seem to find the census again to look!...

Sarah Ann Coates died 1859, aged 10/11, need to find her burial in Aston.
Alfred James Coates in the 1871 census is living with his Mum at the Aston Park, working as a confectioner, I'm not sure if he;s working at the Park, or elsewhere.

Caroline Coates is living with her mum in the 1871 census, aged 18, not sure where she goes after that yet.

Annie Coates is with Mum in 1871, and in the 1881, aged 22, she's a visitor at the house of Ez Rul Marks? a 31 year old unmarried clothier, again, not traced her after this.

Would love and information on their time at Aston Park, especially any photos, posters of it that i can put on my Ancestry tree which is public, so they need to be able to be reproduced.

Any information on the Streets that the family lived in, was it a poor area? back to backs? etc.

Any burial information about the Coates families, as alot of the had children in the Aston area before some moved on.

Pointed in the right direction for further research into any of these areas, including information for those working in the gun trades.

Apologies for the long post........got a bit carried away......ooops!! :D


master brummie
Hi there, what an interesting post!
In 1901 Robert J is a widower lodging at the address you mentioned, together with Robert T Coates (son?) aged 18,a cycle polisher,and May (daughter ?) aged 11.
The Taylor family are the householders.
In the 1911 there is a Robert Coates aged 28, lodging at 40 Holland Street Sutton Coldfield. Occupation is a Carter.
Hope this helps


master brummie
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Couldn't find anything regarding the Christmas Balls but have attached the following articles as they may be of interest if you don't have them already.



gone but not forgotten
The name coates is riging alarm bells to me as soon as i seen it from aston i know the name but placing them
for some reason i have a property of a bussiness in victoria rd by the old victoria rd police station as i remember them from i am sure
this is in the early 19 40s very early 1950s and what for some reason it could be early and there was a fish chip shop which was connected to them
between the gibsons whom did run it or it was coates whom ran it and sold it gibbos which would have been many years beforein the early 1900s
but there was a couple of shops by the victoria station there was a couple in the early 1900s including a news agents and a bakery cake shop
and during that early 1900s my grand parents ran the news agents grocery shop and sold it but the coates was connected in one way or another to that section of victoria rd
i will try and search my brain all day on this as i know it as to be there where i know coates names from aston


master brummie
It's possible that Annie Jane Coates married Albert Whitehouse.
1881 Kings Norton ref: AMJ 62 660

In 1891 living at Stafford Street, Brewood, Cannock
Albert Whitehouse B1858 Little hayward, staffordshire, Butcher
Annie J Whitehouse B1858 Aston, Nr. Bham - wife
Harry B Whitehouse B1883 Brewood - son
Mary E Whitehouse B1885 Brewood - daughter
Lilian M Whitehouse B1886 Brewood - daughter (transcribed as Silan M Whitehouse
Anne A Whitehouse B1890 Brewood - daughter
William T Smith - B1872 Brewood - servant - butcher's assistant
Elizabeth Smith - B1875 Brewood - servant - domestic nurse
Frank Smith - B1876 Brewood - servant - butcher's boy



master brummie
If smtr is correct with the above,then there are at least 5 more children to add !
Florence 1888 (married Ernest Holt in 1910 and had daughter Constance 1911),
Albert 1893, Mabel 1894, Clara 1896, and Richard 1898.
Albert had branched out into farming as well as being a butcher by 1911, still at Stafford Street,Brewood.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Henry coates is listed at Brearley st :
1890 Coates Henry, 145 Brearley street
1892 Coates Henry, brass caster, 145 Brearley street
(In 1888 no 147 is occupied by Harry Wingfield and Henry is not listed, and in 1895 the address is not listed and , although there is a Henry Coates in Cotteridge, i think it is a different one, who is a shopkeeper))
In 1892 the fact that he is listed in the directory as a brass caster must mean it was his own business at that address (in 1892 anyway)
No 145 is between hospital St and summer Row, and the building i thin k it is is marked in red. It is either that one or one of the ones either side, but I think the one marked is the most likely



New Member
Wow, thank you so much everybody, loads of info there to digest. I shall be going through it al tomorrow carefully, and trying to place it all in the tree.

Kings Norton had cropped up somewhere else in my family, just can't quite remember where at the moment, is that near to Aston?

Also, why if someones a brass caster, does that mean he runs his own business? And what exactly is a brass caster?

I see that there seem to be a few more Coates in the area than my immediate family, but as I'm only working on one branch of the tree at the moment, I thiink that they might well be from the same family back along the line.

Just as a quick query, and seeing the newspaper thumbs (thank you) does someone know the site that you can pay to view the old papers? I have used it before, but blowed if I can find it again.....

Mike, can I ask, is that info from electoral roles? and how do you get to view them please?

A very happy family hunter..........I'm sure I shall be posting loads more questions over the next few weeks as I seem to be finding more branches of the family gravitating towards this area, and it's one that I know very little of so far, but at least my geogaphy and history are starting o improve!


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Staff member
All the info, other than the map, was from Birmingham directories, which I have on CD. A few are available on Ancestry. These seem the only ones to fit the people you mentioned (up to 1893), but there were quite a number of others, including a number from what was then described as Kings Norton. If there are any others you want me to look for, then let me know. Kings Norton now is a suburb on the outskirts of Birmingham . However at that time it described a large area which went up close to the centre of Birmingham, though ion the opposite side of the city to Aston. The ones I mentioned above that would be described as Kings Norton were in Balsall Heath, which would now be thought of as quite close to Birmingham city centre. The newspaper site is available from a number of libraries to members of the library, in some cases online, but. As far as I can see this is not available from Dorset library. The site is really aimed at academics originally and is not available at any reasonable cost outside libraries, as fra as I know.
A brass caster is someone who casts , or molds , brass items by pouring molten brass into molds and allowing them to set. Many described thus on the census will work for some firm, but, in 1892 at least, the listing of someone as a caster in a directory would mean he runs it, or is in control of it either alone or in partnership with someone else.


New Member
Hello Cannasue,
Looking for Ann Coates born Staffordshire abt 1859 lived in Aston where my father was born,his birth cert. gives her name but no father,just wondering if you have come across her during your search?



gone but not forgotten
Hi there
if you can asked some one to do a cencus or electro roll check for the early fortis fifties and sivties
for the coates family on the victoria rd aston if my memory is serving me correct i think you will find a member
namely a mrs coates running a bussiness on the victoria rd aston just short of six ways aston and it was oppersite the coach people
flights coaches and it was this lady ws telling us about there grand father being the rag and bone man whom started up the little garage
before buying a shara bang coach to day trips and eventual the family made the bussines a muili ounds bussines today that being flights family
her shop was a corner shop which i think was potters hill or potters rd but it was the top end place on the corner with that and victria rd
aston i lived just along the rd from that shop i lived at 47 so may be her shop could have been in the 200 hunfred numbers
and it was definately opersit the flights garage on victoria rd aston
best of luck astonian


New Member
Hi, I know this is an old post but I am a Coates from the Bournville/Kings Norton area. Extended family is also known to have lived in Coalville, Leicestershire. Would be happy to help you carry on digging as I've recently become very interested in exploring my family tree.


master brummie

I remember a firm of solicitors in Birmingham in the 1960s called Thomas Coates and Ensor. I
wonder if any connection to your family.

Kind regards

brenda barr

master brummie
My g/father was William Charles Coates...his brother Daniel Coates had the fish and chip shop on Victoria Road also my g/f had a news agents in Church Lane....quite a few of the Coates's lived in that area ...hav
e.nt gone back to far on ancestry yet to find out if we are related Brenda