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Coach company Hurst street.


master brummie
I have just been having a chat with my elderly nieghbour. he was telling me about a coach trip he went on to Hamburg in the early 70s. The coach firm he traveled with were based in Hurst street he recalled that they were almost opposite the Fox pub. He asked me if i could find out the name of the company and any other infomation about them. So if anyone can help we would be very greatful. .Robert.


Gone, but not forgotten.
There was indeed a company by the name of Worthington Coach tours at 65 Hurst St in the 70's.



master brummie
It was indeed Worthingtons, my late father was a driver for them and i can remember as a youngster going with him regularly to take people to the ferry in Wales and then onto Ireland
We regularly had one of their coaches outside the house