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Co-op high st bham


knowlegable brummie
Hi Changinman1,
the basement subway as I should have called it was accessed from the entrance to the wines and spirits steps on High street or the small lift from the ground floor. At the bottom of these steps you could access the Oak Restaurant or the sales passage that led on down to Moor street where the Kitchen furniture sales area was. The subway that ran under High street was entered just below the Restaurant entrance and led into the hardware and electrical goods basement in the Big Top building. If you remember the Food Hall was the other side of the Wines & Spirits as I remember it as it was only a single story building tacked on and knocked through to the main High Street premises with a false facade on the front to make it look as if it was part of the old Corn Exchange which was the Central premises. The main Canteen was on the third floor of central premises. Incidentally below the public subway was a futher tunnel which you could walk through which carried all the cables, pipes, phone lines, and services to and from the Big Top Site.

Names to remember : Harold Pallet Store Electrician
Billy Simms " Plumber and his mate Big Harry
Johnny Grimes " Carpenter
Harry Betteridge Third Floor Warehouse
Harry Fletcher Drapery
Alan Rawlings Mens Wear
Mark Thomas Dry Goods Office
Basil Bourne " " "
Bill Dove Electrical Officer
Peter Lovell " Dept Manager
Fred Homer Hardware Dept
Horace Fackerell " Buyer
Ada Martin Tools Dept
Mervyn Manley Store Manager
Edna Naylor Paint & Wall paper
Jack Cook Kitchen Furniture (Ex No10)
Norman White Dry Goods Controller
Bill Gilmore " " "
F. Loxham-Kidd Personnell Officer
Trevor Horne Training Manager.
William Anderson Time & Motion + other jobs
Frank White Wines & Sprits area manager
Mr Bradley " " " Head
Mr Freck Laundry Controller
Mr Cleghorne Coal & Fuel Manager
Ivy Snowden Lighting Dept

if I think of any more I will post later.
Regards Chris B
my aunt Beatrice Abbott was accounts I think..shes still with us at 94
My mom Madge worked part-time on the cash desk in the late 50’s and 60’s. I was fascinated by the cash canisters coming down the tubes from departments. I think the lady in charge might have been Miss Cull. I also remember the staff canteen and the fact that quite a few workers were disabled. As a kid they were interesting people who were special because they were different.
Pete Middleton