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Clifton Rd Balsall Heath


Gone, but not forgotten.
I just thought there might be more chance of somebody remembering her if she worked at a local pub.

Thomas Parry

knowlegable brummie
Yeah that's the problem - all my family that are still alive have only heard of her by name and they've never seen her or know much about her :(


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79 is in red. 123 in blue

I used to stay at my grans at no 188 from about 1952 to 1956

Thomas Parry

knowlegable brummie
Wow Phil that's a great map there!! - I had a great-great aunt live at no. 59 from the late 1930's until about 1960 her name was May Matthews (later Sallis) and she worked as a barmaid. I noticed there was an Inn on the corner of what I presume is Malvern Street. It looks like it has now been turned into flats but what was the name of the Inn? I wonder if that is where she worked as a barmaid?


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If you look at the map onn post 12, you will see it marked as the Railway Inn


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Hi, does anyone remember the Daniel family who lived at 193 Clifton road? They lived there till 1973, Arthur Daniel was his name