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Clarance richard rogers

Ron Rogers

master brummie
Could someone please look up the 1940-1946 electoral rolls for for clarence richard rogers ,i am trying to find his address and occupation during the war years

Many thanks

Ron Rogers


master brummie
The last entry for Clarence Richard Rogers is 1939
1923 J/93044 O.S., H.M.S. Concord, R.N 274 Oldknow Road
1924 J/93044 A.B., H.M.S, Defiance R.N. 274 Oldknow Road
also living at this address at this time was Emma Louise Brown and Ernest Daniel Brown
1924 J/93044 A.B., H.M.S. Vivid 8a Bowyer Road
1925 - 1929 J/93044 A.B., R.N. Bks., Devonport 8a Bowyer Road
Also at 8a was a Frank Hunt,Charles William Rogers and Rosina Rogers
1931 - 1939 D/J. 93044 A.B., R.N. 8a Bowyer Road
1935 The Beck and Burley families were also listed at 8a
1939 Mary Elizabeth Griffiths,Florence John and David Ernest John were also listed at 8a
1945-1955 the Youles family were listed at 8a