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City Centre Photographs

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
Albert Street date unknown but the tram track has gone so possibly mid 1950s.

In the car seen in the bottom corner, the driver is 'hand signalling', indicating that he is either slowing down, turning right, or even turning left.

The 'Beehive' shop on the right always seemed a little old fashioned when I went in there.
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Not a Nissan, Citroen. Peugot, Mercedes or BMW to be seen, in fact four of the six identifiable cars are BMC and am I right in thinking the van could be Austin? Trusty old electric milk float there as well. And could that van far right hand side be a Jowett Bradford?



master brummie
The van behind the Traveller is a Ford Thames and I don't think the van in the distance is a Bradford, favour it being a Morris.
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