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City Centre Photographs


master brummie
I wonder if Ken & Sue are still together.

Ken and Sue have been on the BHF before where I was speculating about them and possible engagement ... ;)
A nostalgic impression of 1970s New St/Corporation St ... memories of young couples showing their names on car windscreens. Ken speeds away from the lights in his Cortina with Sue in the passenger seat. Ken might be thinking about having some 'go-faster' stripes on the bonnet and roof of his rather nice car, while Sue could be thinking about engagement rings she had spotted in Perry Greaves while they were waiting at the lights ...

paul stacey

master brummie
I thought at first Mk 2 Cortina, but it looked to wide, more like a Vauxhall, but on second glance, yes Mk2 Cortina, its the angle of the photo makes it look wider. Sorry to go off Piste. Paul


master brummie
A nice city centre photo.
It's the 1920s and they sit on the Chamberlain Fountain. Two of them have complete foxes draped over their shoulders !


master brummie
Fox furs lasted until the 1950s and when I was clearing the house of a great aunt, I found one. To me as a child I thought they were horible as some had the legs dangling down.