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Christchurch School Stratford Rd.Sparkbrook


master brummie
I wonder if there are any Birmingham people who would remeber the Infant and Junior school facing Farm Road Sparkbrook Birmingham. I was a pupil there about 1941 and wondered if it was possible to aquire records of the pupils who attended. A Uncle of mine who was 6 yrs my senior was at that school when I started and I would love to find him, even a record od his attendance would be gratefully received. If anyone out there can help me I would beso grateful:) Hopefully JoanH


Retired Layabout

I know the school well, a lot of my family attended there, some of them in the same age group as your uncle. The school has been closed since the early seventies at least.

I think the only way forward for you to obtain any records of your uncle, is from Birmingham Council Education Department, but I think they would be unable to release them to you if they have any.

If you are just searching for your uncle, what is his name? Although most of my relations are no longer with us, I might know someone who remembers him if I make enquiries. Added to that there is the chance someone else reading this might have some information.




master brummie
:)Hi Phil, thanks for such a prompt reply, just sorry I couldnt get the comp to work to reply to you.
My first Uncle was Rponald Griffiths born Dec. 1928 then William Griffiths 1930 was in the Junior school at Christchurch when I started in the infants. At that time they were living at 123 Sandy Lane off Camp Hill. needless to say that has also gone now. On my last visit to Brum was so short I was unable to get to the Central Library to check Electorial Rolls etc. Also, though I dont expect bneing an ex brummie my opinion counts I think that all the historial parts of Brum have been demolished. Why tear down The Ship on Camp Hill. that pub was there before 1650 also Highgate House which also was of Historical Interest from the days of the Civil War.:( of the point havent I, this seems to happen when I suddenly find I may be getting an answer to my queries. I have no Idea which school William attended when he left Christchurch, it could have been Stratford Road or Conway Road.:redface: Do you not think the the Education Department would have kept records, surley they would be classed as invaluable, at least to me and surely Im not the only one chasing dardk allies.
I am most grateful to you for the help and perhaps it may be easier to e.mail me should you find anything else of interest. [email protected].
Many many thanks JoanH:D

florence butler

master brummie
Hi JoanH,

A couple of weeks ago, I went in to the Birmingham Library Archives to apply for the school records of my father who died in 1958. Although there is a 100 yr closure period, in certain circumstances you could be lucky and they MAY release them.

You need to fill in a form with all the relevant details. School name is most important, then they will forward it on to the appropriate department.... Then you wait :rolleyes:

Kind regards....Florence :)


norfolk brummie

gone but not forgotten
I also attended Christchurch school on the Stratford Road, around 1941. Opposite Farm Road & Smiths coaches. A very Dickension school. I recall the main hall, which was quite small, and there would be a fire lit in the hall fire place. The main entrance was just to the right of the photograph shown, although there was a back entrance at the next road up on the right (cannot remember the name of the road). I attended this school after we had been bombed out from our home in Tyseley, and for a time we lived with my aunt in Main Street. Many of the pupils graduated to Stratford Road School. Conway Road was just a girls school. As a child I thought it was like the school that Oliver Twist attended! I have to say that, internally, it looked more like a workhouse.


Super Moderator
I was an apprentice decorator, and this was the school of art and decorating in the early 1970's. I remember the place really well, the main hall, and a playground on the roof, with hairpin iron railings. There was indeed two entrances, one on Stratford Road, to the right of the photo, and a drive way off Farm St.

The building have been demolished now, and a small housing development resides on the site.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Mort
Funny enough my first job was an apprentice painter and decorated it was with the Birmingham city council and the offices at the time was in great Charles street on the tenth floor and they had me go to the Stratford red school for enrolment they played the fees for me
And at the start of the term I had to attend one day week and one night week schooling and buy my own books and materials for the schooling
I got six pounds week for wages and of course my bus fare from Ladywood going to Stratford red and pay my other house keeping
I only had pennies left we used to go around in. IG gangs and paint the schools of brum I did that for five years stint
After a couple of years down the line I finished and started to do some small jobs for people
My younger brother Roy was working at bulpitts in Camden street at spring hill as a polisher he did work at savekers in Phillips street Aston
But any way there wasa lady working at bulpitts as a supervised in the inspection department and one day she asked him do you know anybody whom can decorate
He said yes my older brother and she asked me to come around and give her a quote along with my huge books of wall papers to choose from
Which I got from dulux factory in George street west at spring hill but cutting short on this story I got the job of reducing her flat in ledsam street
Ladywood it was a complete flat of bath room and living room and the hall way and all the ceiling through out it paid me well
But on the final finish the neibours and friends of her with in that block asked me to there there was five complete flats to become on my own
And after all that lot the orininale lady asked to go down Stratford red to her brothers. House next to the bear pub
He was a very old man and disabled and he said he was an old retired decorated I gave in the quote and is attituned was very borough
And snapped no son he said you have only been in the game five minutes I have been decorating all my life I will not pay that price and believe
I do not think in those days no painter and deco would ever compete with. My prices as I used to cross check the competitive prices
When I went back to see this lady I told her of is manner to me and she opologised to me for is manner but I did well after that
And my two brothers worked at henry corvette on new town row all those years ago so with my trade prices of purchase and our kids discount I made a big profit
I still keep my hand in from time to time area years back from now oppersite the old job. Entre on bristol red south Northfield
There used to be a well known estate agents whom I worked for and above that shop I painted the exterior wall in a blue colour it was there for years
And every time I went pass that shop I would look up and smile it never raised at all for donkeys years and I would say to ever was me in the car
That my art my work and glee with smile
Have a nice day Mort by the way we ever did bet to that walk sdid we well summer days are coming keep a date clear in your diary
Have a nice day best wishes astonian,,, Alan,,,,


Super Moderator
Hi Alan

Great to hear form you. So you must have worked for the Education Department, they used to paint all the schools. I did know a couple of guy who worked for them, Martin Farrier and someone called Garretty, I think. The Council use to train a lot of apprentices in those days, its a shame they don't now, as there is a skill shortage.

I used to do the odd wallpapering job after work too.

Keep in touch, and we must do a walk along the Droitwich cut one of the day, Ill keep the diary free for you, drop me an email.


master brummie
There is a William Griffiths listed on the 1950 electoral roll at 123 Sandy Lane along with Frederick, May and Ronald. I can't look any further online.


David Trebble

New Member
I wonder if there are any Birmingham people who would remeber the Infant and Junior school facing Farm Road Sparkbrook Birmingham. I was a pupil there about 1941 and wondered if it was possible to aquire records of the pupils who attended. A Uncle of mine who was 6 yrs my senior was at that school when I started and I would love to find him, even a record od his attendance would be gratefully received. If anyone out there can help me I would beso grateful:) Hopefully JoanH

My father Norman Trebble and his sister Doris attended this school in the 1920's, they lived nearby on Braithwaite Rd. I have an exercise book with the name of Joseph Green who presumably was a friend of my father. Clearly there can be very few survivors of this generation but I would love to find out what became of Joseph. I visited the area a couple of years ago to see where my father lived- h101_0681.jpgow it must have changed- the school replaced by a modern building of course. I doubt any records exist and there is no 'friends re-united' group for this school. However the records office in the city were very helpful in finding the location of my Grandparents graves in Key Hill cemetery so I may call them when I next visit.

ray evason

proper brummie kid
I was a pupil at Christchurch infant school from 1936 to 1939,( when I was evacuated due to ww2)the entrance to the infant section was at the bottom of Long street,close to the Victoria pub,I also remember the coal fires in the winter with a substantial metal fire guard around them,when we were evacuated,corporation buses were used and we left outside the school in Long street on Sunday 1st Sept,on route to appleby magna in Leicestershire, Ray Evason.


Staff member
hi ray thanks for your post....hope your evacuation was a pleasant one...i used to love our coal fires:)

all the best