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Charlie Capel, Dancer, John Bright Street


Brummie babby
Does anybody remember Charlie Capel? He was a champion dancer around the time of the second world war, and ran a dance school with his wife in John Bright Street.


Brummie babby
Hi Viv! Yes, I think she was his wife. According to the phone directory, they ran the dance school in John Bright Street together until the 1960s. Then it carried on in her name only for a few years (maybe he passed on?).


Ex-pat Brummie
"Embassy Bands" (post #2) were scratch/pickup bands generally operated by a well-known bandleader - in this case, Oscar Rabin - effectively operating as an agent. The Oscar Rabin Band, it is not. I remember being one of bands for the 700th Centenary of Girton College in the 1960s alongside the John Barry Seven and an Embassy Band operated by Lou Preager. By then Preager had stopped playing due to poor health and the Embassy Band was just one of his many business interests.

Maurice :cool:


Brummie babby
Goodness, well spotted! I've been through the Birmingham newspapers and it looks like they were a regular fixture in the 1930s and 40s. There is reference to them competing internationally too.


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Marriage on 24th August 1936, parish church Edgbaston,
Frederick Mark Charles Capel was born in 1907 in Chorlton, Lancs, address 94 Ladypool road.
Edna Florence Rosamund Nicholls (b 1913 Kings Norton)address 328 Pershore road , Edgbaston

1939 Flat d , 101 Station Street, birmingham
Edna F R Capel Dance teacher
Frederick M C Capel, Road transport controller.

In 1945 they are in Acocks green .

Edna F R Capel married Charles Ripley in 1957
Edna Florence Rosamund Ripley died in 1999
I have been unable to find death of charlie (Frederick Mark charles)
just found his death
Frederick Mark Charles Capel died 13th may 1978
680 Avenue de la Mer
,Marelieu, Cannes, France
Probate , bBrmingham 19th april 1979, £15,672.
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