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Chamberlin & hookham

The Baron

master brummie
As any one any memories of "Chamberline & Hookham" New Bartholomew Street.
I did 6 months working at that factory as part of my early GEC WITTON Apprenticeship.
I was told it used to be a workhouse? any one confirm that?


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Before it was chamberline & hookham it was smith & chamberline. From 1849 to about 1862 it was timothy smith & sons. So, if it were a worknouse it would have to be before 1849

The Baron

master brummie
Thanks for that mikejee, May be it was just the Guys I worked with way of trying to get me jumpy, the place was quite dim with very Victorian windows, some very dark nooks & crannies plus a four sided court yard in the middle of the factory.
The one thing I remember most at the time was the method of clocking in, you had to take a brass disc of the board with your hook on it & the place it on another board with a identical hook,if you were over 2minutes late you had to wait out side till the office staff came in,then you would be put in the late book.
GEC used clock cards at clocking in stations.

Arnold Mason

master brummie
I worked here in 1960 and started off as a junior clerk under a Mrs Clay who was firm but fair. Sheila was the telephonist and
taught me how to use the switchboard. There were three young men I remember, George, Iver and Larry. I went with the
chauffeur to the main post office to load the franking machine. I also had to make Mr.Moss his coffee in the morning and
tea in the afternoon. When the post arrived it was my job to take it round to the different offices.
I have fond memories of Chamberlain and Hookham and often wonder what happened to those I worked with.
My name is Shirley so if there is anybody out there who remembers me I would love to hear from them.