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Remember these ? This Birmingham Post article describes the service. I never went on one of these, but I’m sure plenty of other members must have used them. Viv.



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We had many minibuses as well as midi buses down here in Cornwall. They were only used on tendered route’s (council subsidised route’s) and the Drivers paid less than the commercial route’s. The Minibuses were all Mercedes and not a bad motor to drive although the route’s that were hail and ride, with some passengers wanting to be dropped off at their front door, a real pain to operate.


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Wolverhampton had a bus that circled the centre until quite recently . Very useful us with bad knees


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Used to drive these on a few occasions with WMPT back in the 80´s one of the most boring routes you could have as a driver, short trips not much of a lay over at Masshouse car park in and out again think it was every 1/2 a hour ¿, can´t remember was it a 1.00 a trip ¿


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In more recent times, the 'Centre Bus' moniker passed onto the 101 route, which I think was originally just a circle around the city, using Leyland Nationals. Latterly, the route ran into the city from Handsworth, and connected Snow Hill, New Street and the town hall, using MCW Metrobuses branded for it. There was latterly the 77 route ran by Pete's Travel using low floor Darts that served the same purpose, and then the free S1 'Station Link' bus ran by Central Connect. I can't remember when the service ended, but the job has mostly been taken up by the 16 route now, which still connects Snow Hill, New Street and the markets, in a one way loop.

Wolverhampton had a bus that circled the centre until quite recently . Very useful us with bad knees

I believe it was 'suspended' due to COVID measures, but I've not heard of any plans to bring it back, even with stuff opening back up now.