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Central Grammar, International School Tile Cross

Ken Ariss

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Having spent five happy years at Central Grammar School, (1948-1953), I would like to add a few memories of my own to the above comments. Sir Rodney Pasley was the perfect headmaster, supported by an excellent staff, including Mr Merryman, (Music), Mr Paddock, (Maths), Mr Dixon, (German), Mr "Caggy" Carter (French), Mr "Pippy" May (French), Mr Greatrex (Art), Mr Evans (History), Mr Heslop (Maths), Mr Weightman (PE), Mr Faulkner (English) and Mr Reader (English).

In my form was Nicholas (later Nicol) Williamson who, despite an unpleasant demeanour, became a well known film star playing mostly "baddies" in a variety of films. Two other Old Boys who made their marks in later years were Sam Doble and Colin McFaddyen, members of England's Rugby Team.
Also around at your time was A E Lewis another marvellous actor. When he left school he took his uncle's surname and became Tony Garnett. He became very well known for his work behind the camera.


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Hello to everybody.
I have just stumbled across this forum and it has triggered a great deal of nostalgia for me - Brian McCarthy. I was at C G S between 1963 and ‘68.
My first year was in 1P with Mr Hutton, room 9. I have often wondered what became of the pupils from that intake.
Best friend was Pete Smith, (sad to have lost contact with him). Also hung around with:- ‘Duck’ Bretherton, Steve Horn and crew. I confess I have not recognised any of the pupil names that appear in this thread, but do remember the teachers.
Any feedback greatly appreciated.