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Census lookup please


Brummie babby
I am searching for Joseph Thompson. I believe he was in Birmingham and was a silversmith. He should be in Birmingham in 1881. he married a lily Guest. Any help would be appreciated.


master brummie
Hi, do you have an approximate year and place of birth for Joseph,please?
This is the only Joseph Thompson that I could see in 1881
Thomas Hill aged 60 Head born Birmingham, Iron Plate Worker
Joseph Thompson aged 24 Son In Law born Birmingham, Silver Smith
Clara Thompson aged 22 Daughter born Birmingham,
Clara A Hobson aged 2 Niece born Birmingham, Warwickshire
address 1 Windsor Place St Vincent Street Birmingham, Warwickshire
RG11/2967/F? CD0 RG11_2967.pdf p.75

There is a death of a Clara Thompson aged 30 in 1890 Birmingham.
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Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
These are the only two Joe Thompson's I could find working with Silver... What year was he born , or married? Could he have been married twice ? Could Lily be his second wife after 1881

Joseph Thompson 24
Year:1857 Birth place:Bham, Warwickshire,
Address:Windsor Pl 1 St Vincent St

Thomas Hill 60 Head
Joseph Thompson 24 Son In Law
Clara Thompson 22 Daughter
Clara A Hobson 2 Neice


Joseph THOMPSON 24
Year 1857 Birth place Bham, Warwick,
Dipper & Silverer
Address 5 Rose P Lennox St
Joseph THOMPSON Head 24 Dipper & Silverer
Emma THOMPSON Wife 23 Steel Pen Maker
Albert THOMPSON Son 2
Sarah Ann THOMPSON Daur 1 m
John SILVER Boarder U 25 Glass Cutter


Brummie babby
Joseph was born I believe 3/1859 and supposedly from Birmingham. Hhe married lilly Guest around 1886-1887. They had one child before immigrating to the US around 1888.


Brummie babby
Joseph was born 3/1859 and supposedly from Birmingham. He married Lilly Guest around 1886-1887 and they had one child before immigrating to the US around 1888.