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Captains Courageous.



At the bottom of Erskine st was the River Rea.
Allan, Derek and me spent many a day just walking along the river (it had no grassy banks, it was just a culvert really)
We would go down to near Salford Bridge, just doing things that teenage boys get up to.
Near Nechells Power Station was a long gloomy tunnel known as 'The dark half hour' I supose it was only a 1/4 mile long but feeling your way in total darkness it seemed a lot, lot further.
I can see us now hanging on to each other with our necks tucked down tight against our chins (that was because of my bloody big brother who claimed Rats always went for your throat) but we did it to test our courage and to complete our great adventure..
I remember one year just as we lowered ourselves down to the side of the Rea we saw a huge Paper bale come sliding and half floating towards us,,
I climbed on to sail it the 2 miles down to Salford to where the Rea met the Tame.
There was only one flaw in my plan..
I had forgotten that just by Saltley Viaduct there is an 8 foot fall as it goes over a mini waterfall, I hung on for grim death as I rode this greasy roller coaster..my friends who had fallen far behind, screaming in the distance,
I stayed on my 'Ship' all the way...how could I not? I was the Captain...and I was courageous....