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Cannon Hill Park

tim eborn

master brummie
I take it that the cricket was being played on a Saturday as I recall that one of the duties of the horse mounted "Parkie"
was to remind visitors that ball games were not permitted on Sunday.
This we were told as children was one of the conditions imposed when the park was gifted to the City of Birmingham.
Cheers Tim.
Ps lyne
that looks like the kind of path I would produce.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
A card published by Jarrold, late fifties probably, of the boating lake at the park. It lacks the interest of older cards, the photographer was obviously going for scenic effect no interest



master brummie
Next time it will be less amateurish Bob. The Gimp programme is part of Linux Mint (which I have instead of Windows). But this was the first time I ever used it! :eek:


Brummie babby
hi mewla4
yes thats right i remember the big green house it was really hot in there
and we would look up to those big green banna,s always on a sunday we would go a gang of us if we did not go there we would pay sixpence to get in the botanical gardens and our real reason for going was to try and collect pop bottles
to get some pennies the posh folks as we called would leave the masons bottle on he grass and we would try and race each other to see whom gets it first
i thought of the thread with bannanas but you beat me to it
best wishes astonian ;;
I too remember my folks taking my sister and I toCannon Hill Park. It was pretty much a regular Sunday afternoon walk during the summer (when Dad didn’t take a nap.) we nearly always went into the big greenhouse right by the entrance. Then we would walk across the grassed area where they played cricket but not on Sundays and see the rabbits and peacocks.
During WW2 Dad had a plot on the Russell road allotments and the easy way to it as it was at the bottom of the hill was to go through the park and through the bit where they composted all the cuttings and hop over the fence. Back then too, he would get up very early and cycle down to the park and bring me back a bag of confers before he biked to work. Wonder how many dads would do that today, supposing “ Conkers” was not considered to be a dangerous game.


Brummie babby
Yes they are Phil, I should have qualified my reply - thanks for the accuracy!
I have a photo of a tram in Edgbaston Rd but it's temporarily locked in my failed computer hard drive. The 'bundy' clock is there in Willows Rd so that must be the real location of the terminus.
I think the tracks were at the side of the road in Edgbaston Rd, as they used to operate 'one way' round a loop there, but I'm not sure if they used the stop there that the 1A bus used as well.


Brummie babby
Did n’t the trams run along Cannon hill Road the turn up Edgbaston Road then turn again into Willows Road, avoiding switching the contact pole around, which was always the clippies job wet or dry. The driver had to stamp his foot pedal down and carry his dead mans handle through to the other end of the tram ..... responsiblejob!


ell brown on Flickr
Sunny weather and a blue sky at Cannon Hill Park at the end of February 2019.

Swan Lake Boating. Ice cream vans also out! Thought it was winter, not spring!



ell brown on Flickr
New memorial in Cannon Hill Park for the victims of the Tunisian terror attack of 2015.

Prince Harry will be in Birmingham to unveil it on Monday 4th March 2019.

It was behind barriers on my visit, so also had to look at it from the grass!



Staff member
thanks ell..did you happen to notice if the old golden lion pub has fallen down yet:( in pic 2 it looks like another building is being erected...any idea what that is??

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ell brown on Flickr
Golden Lion is still there, nothing has changed, still held up by scaffolding!

If you mean the People's Postcode Lottery Arena at the MAC.


master brummie
#13A - Cannon Hill Park - Similar picture to my post #13 but no small boy to the left of gate.
#13A Cannon Hill Park - Bridge - Boy by gate.jpg

#112 - Cannon Hill Park - The Boating Pool - c1956
#112 - Cannon Hill Park - 1956.jpg

#113 - Cannon Hill Park - Boating Lake
#113 - Cannon Hill Park.jpg

#114 - Cannon Hill Park
#114 - Cannon Hill Park.jpg

#115 - Cannon Hill Park
#115 - Cannon Hill Park.jpg


master brummie
#116 - Cannon Hill Park - c1951
#116 Cannon Hill Park - 1951.jpg

#117 - Cannon Hill Park - Pool - Framed Version of #40.
#117 Cannon Hill Park - Pool - Framed version of #40.jpg

#118 - Cannon Hill Park - The Pool.
#118 Cannon Hill Park - the Pool.jpg

#119 - Cannon Hill Park - Waterfall and Rockery - (Low Quality Picture)
#119 Cannon Hill Park - Waterfall and Rockery.jpg

#120 - Cannon Hill Park
#120 Cannon Hill Park.jpg

paul stacey

master brummie
My association with Cannon Hill Park, started at a very young age, I was about 3 years old when pushed in my chair around the park by my dear dad, we visited the exotic birds and peacocks , walked round the lake, and visited the pavilion, when older dad told me the reason for the parks name, from the civil war, and cannons were sited there to bombard Birmingham, he told me the very large rock was a "meteor", which I found out later it was't, We visited the river Rae, and the little museum, and we sat and ate "Midland dairy ice cones from the man on a bike. It was such an integral part of my up bringing, as were The Lickey Hills, we were poor you see, so no holidays , but wonderful memories. Paul