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Callant in Aston


proper brummie kid
Dear Cousin DG

The spouse's name of William Francis Callant (Born 1885) or other details of her would be appreciated i.e., marriage date, maiden name etc., would be appreciated?



Duddeston girl

Hi Corrosionist,
I see you found me on the other site. As far as WF is concerned - another touching story there. I heard the story from my eldest brother (also named WF born 1927) who now lives in NZ. Ernie was working in a metal bashing factory where he met Annie Clarke. Annie used to go to work with various bruises from the domestic abuse she suffered. Ernie becames friendly with her and they used to talk. One day Annie came in having had a real beating. Ernie told her she didn't have to put up with it, she could go home with him. She did and they were devoted to each other for over 50 years. I ordered a copy of Annie's death certificate and read one of the saddest things ever. It says 'Annie Maria Callant otherwise Roberts wife of Richard Roberts occupation unknown. Informant EF Callant present at the death'. So after a lifetime together he felt he had to desribe her a another man's wife. No divorce in those days. For the record, she married on 18th May 1902. Her father, Richard Clarke was a button turner. This is confirmed on her marriage certificate. I am told he lost an eye.
For the record everyone referred to my grandfather as Ernie. It was only revealed on his death certificate which says 'Ernest Frank Callant otherwise William Francis Callant' He used to make and sell stuff on market stalls. Later he became a chiropodist. He had a son, Francis Leslie known as Frankie who made jewellery and sold it on markets throughout the Midlands. They were both warm, gentle and fun and I loved them very much.
Ernie had a great affinity with Scotland, he loved the highlands. I heard his mother had been in service there.
I hope we keep in touch and share our finds. Kind regards DG


proper brummie kid
Dear Cousin Duddeston Girl

Thank you for your comments and updated family history on Uncle Frank. My mother, (Brenda Jean), told me about 'Frank' having been a Goldsmith, so your story is supported by family myth... even though you are talking about two people and Brenda relating the story to one person. Annie's story, though sad, is remarkable in that it had a good outcome that brought some happiness. My stepmother has a saying about 'rain producing a rainbow', and it looks like the rainbow in Annie's sense was Uncle Frank. Divorce in England even until recent times was impossible for poor folk, and difficult for everyone else, so I can understand the reason for the common law arrangement. I went thru a process of divorce in the UK when I was a child (I was a witness), and found the experience quite unpleasant to say the least. I'm glad that you found me on the other site, so we can go into greater detail there about our respectives trees... Kind regards... Corrosionist


master brummie
From Electoral Rolls
1912 at 28 Rocky Lane
William Callant
1920 at 120 Rupert Street
William George Callant,Henrietta Callant,Henry Callant,and Frederick Callant.
1922 at 120 Rupert Street
William George Callant,Henrietta Callant,Henry Callant
1925 at 120 Rupert Street
Henrietta Callant,Henry Callant
1930 and 1935 at 120 Rupert Street
Henrietta Callant,Henry George Callant and Agnes Mabel Callant.
1939 at 120 Rupert Street
Henrietta Callant and Agnes Mabel Callant
1945 at 120 Rupert Street
Henrietta Callant and Frances Hancock[/QUOTE
I have just come across this thread, I lived at 124, Rupert St. 1930-1940 I rememer the Callants at 120, the father died I beleive in the late 1930s. there was a son "Kenny" he would have been about 10 or 11 in 1939 . Regards Reg


proper brummie kid
Dear Reg, the 120 Rupert Street address is very useful and I'll look forward to adding the same to my 'Callant' family tree. On an anecdote basis, I suspect that the son, 'Kenny' who was aged ten or eleven is the Kenneth Callant whom I susbsequently got to know during the 1980's and 1990's. Kenneth passed away approximately ten years ago, leaving two daughters. He had a loving marriage and he was certainly a family orientated. Kind regards Corrosionist.


master brummie
Thanks for your reply Corrosionist. It is amazing how ones memory is jogged when discovering all the various Birmingham History Threads. I remember "Kenny" getting a brandnew "Halfords" bike for his birthday, it had real lights back and front run from a Dynamo!!!. 120 Rupert St. was right next to Cromwell St. School.
Regards Reg


proper brummie kid
Continuing the story of John Callant Born 1861 (Birmingham). John married Mary Ann Jarvis who was later known as Polly Callant. John Callant is mentioned with Mary Ann Callant in the Census 1891. John is also mentioned in his son's Birth Certificate circa 1900 (George Lesley Callant). In the Census 1901, John Callant is not mentioned as residing with Mary Ann Jarvis or is two sons (Albert B1895 & Leslie B1900). By 1911 Polly Callant is residing with Leslie (Albert is Lodging elsewhere), and Polly defines herself as a Widow. There is no Death/Burial record for John Callant in the UK between 1900 and 1911. A passenger manifest puts John Callant on a boat at 1900 departing England for Ireland then New York. His USA story appears to match his Birmingham birthplace, age and profession... and he ends up in Iowa, being mentioned circa to 1935 or there abouts... more researching/confirming to do.
Hi, I've only just decided to look up links with the surname CALLANT - my grandfather was Frederick Callant who married Beatrice Chapman. Their children were Ronald and Edna Beatrice - my mother! I now recall her mentioning Kenny Callant - her cousin ? Hope I'm not to late staking my claim & hoping for contact ??
Hello Kiddy/Hodge Hill Gal, I'm 'Corrosionist Returned' aka Corrosionist. My last post was 2013, and I'm back lol. Even the lol is now a 'time in place' indicator thanks to FB (Facebook). My email has changed since 2013, so I had to re-register, as my Corrosionist email is a deceased one. To you and your family, I hope you're coping okay with Covid-19... I'm familiar with the Callant clan, and know the Frederick/Chapman connection... a happy one I hope. My last post circa 2013 had me chasing red herrings across the globe (John Callant's supposed emigration to USA/Canada), but since then, it's been confirmed that he stayed in the UK. I'm active via Ancestry.com and you can find me via the 'Callant' family tree. John Callant and his immediate family... William Francis Callant, Albert Edward Callant, Ada May Callant & George Leslie Callant have been sources of frustration and angst, for a number decades. His married wife, Ann Maria Durrant nee Richards and his common law wife, Polly Callant, aka Mary Ann Jarvis have complicated histories of their own, and are still a WIP (work in progress). Not to be outdone, John's ultimate demise has not been without very complicated puzzlements; and if I've been able to unravel a couple of them, so well and good. To your text... Frederick & Beatrice were survived by Edna & Ronald and you mentioned your mother as being Edna... hello! Ronald has always been a mystery to me and I understand a South Africa story somewhere in his life... I stopped with your parents as that was as far as I got... to cousin 'Kenny'... That's Kenneth Henry Callant 1927 - 2003. I met him and his daughters in Birmingham... he was a lovely man, and we corresponded for a number of years... I suspect I have his letters archived, in an accessible box someplace.... you've brought me some happy memories, thank you. If you want to say hello, feel free to connect via message via Ancestry.com... Kind regards, CR