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Advert in the Tatler from 1909 . I remember that up till about sometime in the 1970s R&D had some bars of chocolate that had been returned from the Scott expedition (though I don't think they got as far as the south pole just to the base camp). However, although it was found that, althoughthey were in a tin, they were so infested with cocoa moths that they were destroyed.



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Two photographs, from post cards, of the Dining Rooms at Cadbury's Bournville. The post cards are unused so therefore difficult to date, especially as no people are shown. Dave.
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hi. today i was asked if i remember the.half coated Cadbury biscuit with the rippled chocolate on one side. I could not think of the name of them.but i did remember them...... WHAT WERE THEY CALLED. anyone tell me, please