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Cadbury's Bournville Factory


master brummie
As sponsors of Coronation Street, Cadbury (note the name has changed from Cadbury's in recent years) have been advertising the centenary of Milk Chocolate for quite a while now. But, being a MAN, my favourite Cadbury product is the dark Bournville - at its best after a few hours in the fridge.

I have no direct connection with the factory other than using the outdoor lido in those long hot summers when I was a kid. However, when my brother worked for ICL, he installed and maintained the computer system at Bournville (big mainframe in a dustproof environment). Besides a girl who worked on the production line there, I can remember him bringing home brown paper bags of rejects and Easter eggs.

In more recent years, I recall Cadbury's having some sort of production fault which resulted in all their Easter eggs being produced a few grams more than intended. Such was their output, although this was only a minuscule amount, the hole it knocked in their profits was phenomenal.

Especially for all you interested ex-pats, I can strongly recommend a visit to Cadbury World, whenever your back in the home city. There you partake in a guided tour tracing the history of both chocolate and Cadbury's. My only word of caution is, if you have a five year old child with you, like my grandson, ration his free sample intake. This should prevent the risk of him going hyper and turning into a devil to control. :lol:

As John said, "Enjoy!"
Great comments……..


Mermaid from Brum!
Lovely thread all of my family worked here, I was born close and missed the lovely aroma of chocolate when we moved out of my Nans into a place of our own


Brummie Dude
I think most of the comments, while they may refer to the "Americans", really mean one American company, Kraft, later Mondelez, who spawned rubber artificial cheese and now seem to be intent on pushing their revolting Oreo into everything. Hopefully the latter efforts will go the same way as "Philadelphia with Cadburys Dairy milk" (UGH)
i think "Philadelphia bung. was like the advert for it terrible. 1599719969385.png