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Cadbury's Bournville Factory


master brummie
Did I hear correctly that Cadburys was founded one hundred years ago today?

God bless them, my little bit of heaven in silver foil. :D


I didn't know that! We have a Cadbury factory right here in Hobart, Tasmania. :D


master brummie
Diana, it is Cadbury's Dairy Milk that is celebrating its centenary. Cadbury
was founded much earlier sometime in the 1700's if my memory serves me right, it was started as a coffee shop in Bull Street, Birmingham.


Born a Brummie
I am just reading Annie Murray's book "The Chocolate Girls" and I'm loving it.

My ex husband worked there in the 60's and often came home with "mis-shapes"!!!!!!!!


Sylvia said " Cadbury was founded much earlier sometime in the 1700's if my memory serves me right "
That's some memory you've got there kid! :wink:


John Cadbury tea,coffee, spice shop in Bull St. 1824
Moved to Bridge St in1847.
Sons Richard and George took over firm in 1861
Moved to new factory in Stirchley in 1879 and renamed it Bournville
Cadbury dairy milk first made in 1904 but not launched till 1905
Lots of web sites about the firm and the family who did so much for Bham people


master brummie
Thank you for all the info. I caught the end of something on the radio, added two and two and made five. :D

BUT, dairy milk is my favourite, and still going after 100 years aint bad. :wink:


Ahh Di.......... I too am a fan of Cadbury's choccy. I dont think you can beat it. My wife Brenda likes galaxy and while I will eat it, as I will any chocolate, I think Cadburys is by far the best.


master brummie
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I have to agree Dairy Milk is super. Do you remember when they had the little bars of Dairy Milk in the classic purple packet? They were around for a while during and after the war but then disappeared. My Mother loved them and before the War she used to have one for her lunch. She always loved chocolate and Flakes were another of her favourite. We used to buy mishapes from Birmingham Market as well. Here in Canada there is a Cadbury's factory in Toronto but the chocolate doesn't taste the same. I will only buy it if it is from Bournville!!!!! We have a wonderful butcher's shop near us called Millington's and it is run by an English couple.
RThey have every kind of Cadbury's(from Bournville) you can imagine. They have a small grocery line as well. They sell the best Black Puddings
I have ever tasted. Thank heaven's for small mercies.

I have been doing some historical research on Bournville since my father worked in the Power Station there and a friend of mine is the headmaster of a junior school there at present. He has written to me about the place
and some of it's history. It is an amazing story overall not only about the Cadbury family but the building of Bournville over the years mainly so that the early workers could have a decent place to live.

Sadly, there are no Cadbury family members involved with the
running of the company now.



Further to Cadbury being in Hobart Tasmania. When I was in my early twenties I boarded with a widow whose husband was an employee of Cadbury. Employees at his level apparently were supplied with a house (or rented from the company) on what was called "Cadbury Estate". I fell out of favour with her because I came home late and didn't wake up in the mornings to get to work! Honestly I'm a changed person these days! :lol: PS - I never got any chockies either.


master brummie
The Cadbury family treated their workers very well, and the houses they built were a talking point in my young days. Are they still standing in Bouneville :?:

The 50's milk flakes were in a brown paper case, rather like a fairy cake case. The only place I could ever buy them was a shop almost under the railway bridge, next to the ICI in Witton. It was owned by an elderly lady, she had the flakes hidden away and you had to be a good customer to get one. :D


master brummie
Thank you for the links Rod & Ken. I enjoyed reading the history of Cadburys, and I have been sitting here listening to the carillon. Also Jackie for your description of the village. Another trip fpr us this summer. :D

Working for the company changed lives, imagine moviing from an inner city back to back into one of those new houses out in the country.

I don't think I will ever open a bar of milk chocolate without thinking of George Cadbury.

John Young

master brummie
Cadburys have a well deserved World Wide reputation of excellence,benevolence of employment being a part of their culture.
The design,engineering, production,maintenance in Manufacturing excellence has required innovation & skills over many,many years & those skills are still in existence today.
Blending the original equipment with the modern sophisticated electronic high speed production machinery of today is a tribute to all above.
The Office functions, Personnel, Advertising/Marketing, World Class.
Having worked (Contract-Engineer) Bourneville & Toronto the Whole scenerio of Cocoa Bean to tantalising our tastebuds is Excellent
Have you Ever had a "Bad" Cadbury chocolate ?
Thanks & Enjoy,,, :) John


gone but not forgotten
As sponsors of Coronation Street, Cadbury (note the name has changed from Cadbury's in recent years) have been advertising the centenary of Milk Chocolate for quite a while now. But, being a MAN, my favourite Cadbury product is the dark Bournville - at its best after a few hours in the fridge.

I have no direct connection with the factory other than using the outdoor lido in those long hot summers when I was a kid. However, when my brother worked for ICL, he installed and maintained the computer system at Bournville (big mainframe in a dustproof environment). Besides a girl who worked on the production line there, I can remember him bringing home brown paper bags of rejects and Easter eggs.

In more recent years, I recall Cadbury's having some sort of production fault which resulted in all their Easter eggs being produced a few grams more than intended. Such was their output, although this was only a minuscule amount, the hole it knocked in their profits was phenomenal.

Especially for all you interested ex-pats, I can strongly recommend a visit to Cadbury World, whenever your back in the home city. There you partake in a guided tour tracing the history of both chocolate and Cadbury's. My only word of caution is, if you have a five year old child with you, like my grandson, ration his free sample intake. This should prevent the risk of him going hyper and turning into a devil to control. :lol:

As John said, "Enjoy!"


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

:D We also have a Cadbury Factory here in NZ in a place named Dunedin - strange really that it should be there as that was more of a Scottish settlers area rather than an English one like Christchurch, but it is in The South Island.
When my sister and I were at Bloomsbury Girls we went on a trip around Cadbury's and then had to write a 'Chocolate Saga' which was sent back to Cadbury's and the three judged the best from each year got chocolate prizes. My best friend Carol Bunn got the 1st prize the year that our class went 8) , she was one of those people that was good at everything always top of the class. :)

Chris :)


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These postings have been very interesting but I have put on 5lb just reading them.Cadburys Fruit and nut,oh my goodness,please hide those scales.


mmmmmmmm chocolate

My mum was a supervisor on one the production lines in the early 1960,s and would bring us home bags of mishapes .

She now lives in the road behind Dominic Cadbury the one time chairman.

Bourneville is still a nice village and the cadbury family being of quaker origin I believe there are no pubs on the trust area.

Off subject a bit I think the calthorpe,s land was the same that is the area around HAGLEY road whcih at one point i think had no pubs on .. Bt there are loads now .