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Byng Kenrick Central School, Tile Cross, Birmingham


Proud Brummie!
Does anyone remember Byng Kenrick Central School and any pupils, teacher's etc. It is now known as The International School and Community College. I went to BKC from 1977 - 1982. If you was in Mr Sanderland's class when you left you should remember me or if you played footy in the playground with my old mate Phil Timms and more. We had some good times then, often "forgetting" it was time to come in after dinner! I am still trying to find out what as happened to Micky Lees, Lee Sheldon, Andrew Coxson, Wayne Rew, Sharon Rey, Karen Priest, Kay Turley, Sharon Young, Neil Osbourne, Mark White, Andrew Rosner and many more from BKC when I was there. If by some chance you are one of those and came on this site browsing, or if you know of anyone from BKC (Pupils and Teachers) that I have not mentioned or if you just remember me then please get in touch via Friends Reunited prefably, or on here if not, and I will get back to you a.s.a.p. As for those that don't know me but went to BKC then please share your memories! :)


Thanks Frank for the links I have Managed to get in touch also with Mark Shillito on Friends reunite anybody else out there remember me- Wayne Rew. You are welcome to contact me on [email protected] ..Look forward to speaking to you all again. It has been 26 years (makes us feel old ha ha!!!)