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Buttons ltd aston birmingham

Sparkhill Lad

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found a little info on the firm, still looking for employees LOL
[FONT=Times New Roman, Times]Buttons Ltd., Birmingham. In 1913 they had three works sites in Birmingham, Portland Street, Worstone Lane and Clissold Street making buttons, buckles and stampings. Some buttons were also made in London. . They also sold suitable dies and button making machinery. Trademarks included 'Thre Domes' and crossed swords. Now a division of Francis Sumner Engineering Co.[/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, Times] [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, Times] [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, Times] [/FONT]


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My mom worked at Buttons, Portland St, 1951 to 1953. She worked in the Spray Shop Outwork Dept. She tells me that when the buttons were finished they used to send them out to people who would sew them onto card before shipping them to the various shops


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My late mother had a friend who worked at Buttons Ltd with the surname Harthill. She was the third generation to work there.

The only other info that I can find is that the cross swords trademark was 1907, and that the company was formed from the merger of 3 smaller factories. This may account for the 3 sites mentioned above.

Best wishes Peter

Looking briefly in Kellys the first mention of Buttons Limited that I can find is 1908, and the sites are Clissold st and Warstone Lane.

In 1912 it has only one site mentioned being Portland Street, off Lichfield Road, and this is where the factory was when my mother's friend worked there.
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William Lilian

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My mother went to a factory from school in 1921 to sew white linen buttons onto cards. She lived in Cattell Road Small Heath but I do not know where the factory was or the name but I assume it would not be far from Small Heath.


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My mum was the cook there in the early 50s, May Nutt although some called her Biddie.
Can’t remember much other than she working there.