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Bus stops


We all know Red plate was compulsory; Blue by request. However, can anyone give information on a yellow plate.It has been on my mind that I did see one. It was exactly the same as the blue ones except yellowish.
It was mounted on one of the old poles, that is on top, I think there was no to/from city on it, but it may have been a stage stop. I really cannot remember the location, but have a feeling it might have been in the Northfield/Woeley Castle area. I'm talking probably late 1950s/early 60s
Any ideas and were there others and what was the intent. A warning probably, but for what.
Thanks for ANY help
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master brummie
Aha! Tardebigge, you jolt the memory here. I have seen a yellow plate - but over sixty years ago so I have no idea where it was. More recently - maybe in the Wythall Museum Omnibus magazine - I saw a photo of a yellow one. I have looked in my books and on the web and have not located any references to these yellow plates.

Something suggests to me, however, that these yellow circular plates were replaced by either the blue or red ones as they were not so easily read. I am sure we will get an answer, but it may be a few days.


master brummie
Now you mention it I remember seeing One or Two of them in the City centre in the early 70's when i was a little boy. I may be wrong but I think they were for football specials.