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Bus route Northfield to Cotteridge

Discussion in 'The Buses' started by macdonn, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. macdonn

    macdonn Guest

    I have been told that there was a bus route from Northfield to Cotteridge via Middleton Hall Road which is of interest to me as my mother lived in 132 Middleton Hall road in 1918. Does anyone know if this bus route existed in 1918 which have connected Pershore Road to Bristol Road at this time, Also does it exist now?

    Thank you

    Michael McDonnell

    ASTONITE master brummie

    It was originally a tram route, they expired in the early fifties. I have some tram photos of Cotteridge,if you want to see them I can post them. I presume it is now a bus route.
  3. john knight

    john knight signman

    As far as I know the buses left Northfield along Church Road, Bunbury Road ,then did a left fork along Northfield Road which ran paralell to Middleton Hall Road.
    They then turned right along Watford Road into Cotteridge.
    That is still the route today.
  4. m.humphreys

    m.humphreys master brummie

    I can remember the trams at Cotteridge. It was a number 36 to town and back and the terminus was Pershore Road in Cotteridge outside the depot ( garage ) now housing. As John Knight says the bus is the 18 and runs along Bunbury Road then branches left into Northfield Road at the junction of Middleton Hall road.Can't recall Middleton Hall ever being a bus route.

    ASTONITE master brummie

  6. Lloyd

    Lloyd master brummie

    Nothing as early as you want, here's the pre-war history of the Cotteridge - Northfield route:

    20/3/1929: New service
    18 Kings Norton (Green) via Pershore Rd South, Watford Rd, Northfield Rd, Bunbury Rd, and Church Rd to Northfield (Bell Inn).
    5/2/1930 Service extended from Northfield via Bristol Rd South, Cock Lane, St Helier Rd to Barnsdale Crescent. (Cock Lane is now Frankley Beeches Road)
    (30/7/1930 Service extended from Kings Norton (Green) via Redditch Rd to West Heath (Redhill Rd) as service 23.)
    1/9/1930 service extended from Barnsdale Crescent via Barnsdale crescent, Basil rd and Trescott rd to Borrowdale Rd.
    19/11/1930 Service extended from Borrowdale Rd via Trescott Rd to Fitzroy Rd: and from Kings Norton via Wharf rd, Parsons Hill, Monyhull Hall Rd, Brandwood Rd, Woodthorpe Rd, Taylor Rd and Haunch Lane to Yardley Wood Rd.
    27/7/1931 Service diverted from Barnsdale Crescent via Hoggs Lane to Trescott Rd; omitting Basil Rd.
    1/4/1932 Service diverted from Trescott Rd via Norrington Rd and Borrowdale Rd to Trescott Rd.
    25/4/1932 service diverted from Norrington Rd to Borrowdale Rd. Return via Borrowdale Rd to Trescott Rd.
    28/6/1933 Service diverted from Barndale Crescent via Basil Rd to Trescott rd on journeys to Northfield only.
    ?/?/1942 Service diverted from Bristol Road South via Frankley Beeches Road, Hoggs Lane and Basil Road to Trescott Road. Return from Trescott Road via Hoggs Lane and Frankley Beeches Road to Bristol Road South etc.

    Cotteridge and Selly Oak were linked by bus route 10 in 1923 (later became 11, the Outer Circle) otherwise it was tram from Cotteridge to Pebble Mill Rd, then the Tram to Selly Oak (where feeder bus services ran to Northfield, Rednal and Rubery until the tramway was extended to Northfield on 1/10/1923, Longbridge 17/12/1923, Rednal 14/4/1924 and Rubery 8/2/1926).

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