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Burton Shops


master brummie
A bit later than expected I have finally been to Acocks Green. Burtons has 2 plaques both dated 1936.


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Kentish Brummie
And this is the old Burton shop (Nationwide) just around the corner on High Street. This great image was taken by Andrew Miller on 13 August 1983. What a lovely building it was, so very sad that it's now gone.




Kentish Brummie
Don't remember the Corporation Street store below. Not sure of the date of this one but presumably it's pre-1970s. Looks like it had an impressive upper facade. Viv.


Bob Davis

Bob Davis
This 1920s image shows Burtons in the High Street (left) with 7 shillings suit sign. Viv.

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70/- Seventy Shillings £3.50, can anybody put that in todays money? The number dates the postcard as after 1912, but from the only ladies in the picture (their dresses would define the approximate date). the hats appear to be 1914 - 1922, if only we could see the reg number of the car. In the mists of my memory was there a 50 shilling tailor?


master brummie
Another thread reminded me of this one.
There seemed to be a Burton tailors shop in most towns of any size.
As for snooker halls above well, that, as far as I can make out, was shrewd marketing. In the days before women were allowed anywhere near a snooker table, other than to dust it or vacuum clean the floor beneath it, it was a male only preserve. And naturally it was men who bought suits. ;)


master brummie
If I remember correctly, having been reminded of the Burtons on Soho Road, Handsworth, on another thread recently, there was a snooker hall just before the market hall on the same side as Burtons. Incidentally this snooker hall was identical to the one which is a pub now, or was in West Bromwich, and yes I did use the snooker hall.