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Burton Shops


Lubrication In Moderation
Not sure whether this has been shown before ( maybe I have?) The old Burton shop in Erdington high street


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Kentish Brummie
The shops had a number of standard features (from Wiipedia): "....... wide polished black granite band above the shop windows for signage, metal vent grates bearing the company logo, billiard halls on the upper levels, window lights showing the locations of other Burton stores, and mosaic titles - sometimes including the company logo - in the doorways".

"At ground level, foundation stones were often placed by Montague Burton's four children, Barbara, Stanley, Arnold and Raymond. Each store might have one or several foundation stones, each bearing one name and the year".

I noticed the edge of the Burton building in the Bull Ring (once stood next to the Times Furnishing building) in this photo posted by Stitcher on the Bull Ring 1930s to 1950s thread. The building shows several features of those mentioned in the quote. But sadly the building has gone.

I've seen Burton buildings with the plaques mentioned in the quote but not in Birmingham. They're about 12" square at street level. The one I saw had four stones on one building. So keep those eyes peeled ! Viv.


Lubrication In Moderation
There are some of these small plagues at bottom of the store in Erdington High street. I will go and take some photos tomorrow.


There is a Burtons in Acocks Green village and when I was about twelve {65 years ago} I used to use the snooker hall upstairs.


master brummie
If you are going to Erdington tomorrow, I suggest you take some precautions, particularly face masks Frothblower. :D


Kentish Brummie
Blimey Froth they're like tombstones ! The ones I've seen are much smaller.

Raymond and Arnold were sons of the founder (Montague) and were twins, b.1917, so they were 20 when the stones were laid.

Is the Erdington building protected ? Viv.


Lubrication In Moderation
No idea about the building being protected?
Their sizes I guess are about 15" x 9" ?
That would make them centenarians.


Kentish Brummie
A classic Burton shop survives today on Stratford Road. And still has a snooker hall above - not sure if it's still in use. Images courtesy Google Streetview. Viv.

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froth i must have walked past the burton plaques in erdington...did you take a long shot of the shop