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Building Identity and Location?

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
Well it,s a church as I can see grave stones to the right but it dosen,t look like you,re normal type of church.I wonder if it,s from another country maybe Greece or Cyprus. Dek


Staff member
could be right dec..it does not have the look of being in england but you never know...dont think the 2 cars will give us any clues either...



master brummie
The cars are a sports car (with canvas roof up) and a white limousine.
The grass mowing isn't exactly straight, is it? Don't think its in the UK.
Here's a brighter close up of the front - or at least the wall facing us. The architecture makes me think of the 'Moorish Revival' style.


Ex-pat Brummie
Whoever gets this one has certainly earned a free Mars Bar!!!:D

It seems to be in open countryside, so that more or less rules out the UK. I would guess either Ukraine or the U.S.A.

Maurice :cool:

paul stacey

master brummie
I feel that i've seen this building before is it the family chapel at "Holkom Hall" Norfolk, or possibly Wimpole Hall church.


The Prodigal Brummie
There is a Birmingham connection to this photograph! It is a still from a television series called 'Gangsters'. The series was filmed in and around Birmingham in the long hot summer of 1976. I have identified most of the locations used, this is the one location I can't find. I have a feeling the building is located somewhere in Warwickshire. As a point of interest to anyone who can remember that long hot summer of that year, the preceding shots show smoke from a nearby field that is on fire!

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
So Barr Beacon we all appear to be going in the wrong direction and this one could be in Warwickshire more than likely connected to some grand estate.Dek


gone but not forgotten
It would have helped if Barr Beacon had given us all the information about the photo in question, it may have prevented the little outburst from certain members.
If you are requesting help on any subject PLEASE give as much detail as possible.



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Might i suggest, Colin, that your suggestion about giving as much detail as possible be incorporated somewhere in the general information about the forum. It is (obviously) reasonable to not include all details if the thread is some sort of competition, but unhelpful if the poster is seeking help


posher half
if you are on a 38 going out of city look across to the villa ground just to left is Aston hall which to me is VERY like it ?


master brummie
hanbury hall worcstershire?

I don't think it is Hanbury Hall - I have been there many times. But I can see why you might think it would be there, it seems a similar style.
Just a thought - it might not be a church - if it was a TV location the headstones could be fake???:)


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It is ST. James in Great Packington, in the grounds of Packington Hall, Meriden, and very beautiful too.
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