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Brummie Ghosts

Discussion in 'Research Information & Discussion' started by Nicholas, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie

    Hiya All,

    I've just popped on to the forum (after a considerable break) to see how the thread on 'Birmingham Ghosts' was progressing........

    Paranormal happening - or am I just a dozy ding-bat - but it's either vanished, or I just plain cannot locate it now?????

    In the event that it has gone into the great beyond - is there anything anyone might want to say on this subject (on Brum ghosts, I hasten to add and not the demise of a thread!)????


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  2. Pomgolian

    Pomgolian Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

    Nicholas if you put Ghosts in the search (On blue band top of the page) a number of threads will appear on GHOSTS! :cool:

    Pom :angel:
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie

    Thanks Pom....

    Been there and done that, I'm afraid, but cannot find the topic anywhere???

    Spooky - but it's vanished!!! (Laugh!!)

    Come on guys and gals - we want ghost stories!!!


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  4. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

  5. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie

    Thanks Momma P....

    But I've tried that too, to no avail!?!?

    The post is no more.... it's an ex-post.....

    Perhaps we can resurrect it????


  6. Beryl M

    Beryl M Guest

    Ghosts have gone Nicholas - I looked to post on it a month ago -They must have been spirited away. . .
  7. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie


    You might possibly be surprised to find that I don't particularly believe in ghosts....... This viewpoint has been reached through my years of interest in the subject though and, if I hadn't made that journey, I'd probably be a devout 'Most Haunted' fan!!!!! (Sorry - had to pause for a second there while I shuddered uncontrollably and puked behind the monitor!!!:D) You know what they say, ignorance is bliss!!!

    Re a drink - it would have to be cokes for me, as I'm tee-total!!! Still couldn't show you a ghost though - as I'll never see one!!

    Re. photo's and footage, the only thing of any potential interest that I could show you was some digi-cam footage of a human shadow (silhouette) passing across a wall in a former government building in the Black Country. There were no people in the room at the time (no other people in the building save group members), no windows facing the wall, etc..... Objective and rational as I am, I cannot think of anything that could have caused that????

    Regards - and Merry Christmas,

  8. postie

    postie The buck stops here Staff Member

    Wel, I believe in ghosts, fairies, santa clause, life after death, heaven, hell, that basically, Man is capable of love, regret, remorse, gentleness, and thats my opinion which nobody will ever change. ;)
  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie

    The WMGC membership is made up of both sceptics and believers..... We've always maintained an objective stand-point throughout our history, as there is evidently no point to running a group made up of people with the exact, same belief system...... (Which is where 99% of so called research organisations fail these days!!)

    Despite my views, I wouldn't presume to cristicise anyone for their belief system within this field, as there are obviously no certainties involved.... (This is the difference between being sceptically 'objective' and just having a 'biggoted' viewpoint, of course).

    Merry Christmas to all,

  10. Kandor

    Kandor Guest

    Ahhh Robert, I have to say those few words off Cromwell are plaudits indeed, at least to me anyway.
    Have a great Christmas Graham..(and yes, I do see the irony in celebrating yet another Ghost, albeit it, a very famous one)
  11. bilsat

    bilsat master brummie


    When I got married one of the guests was our neighbour who had lived next door for over 50 years and had an obsession with cleaning, even to the point when she polished the exposed waterpipes and they started to leak because she had polished them through. We moved and only returned to live in my parents house after they had died.
    We got talking to the people who lived next door and they asked us if we believed in "Ghosts", we asked why and were told that if they left items in their wrong places, when they got up in the morming they had been corrected, they discribed the person as they had all seen her and when I showed them our wedding pics they all picked the neighbour out.
    Since that time there have been three changes of owners of the house and all told us about this "white haired old woman" who moves things aroud.
  12. Rod

    Rod Guest

    Mom told us about when "Old lady Mason" died, I understand they used to burn Underclothes but give away other clothes that could be used again. Mom was clearing out the old lady's stuff and had walked up and down the stairs a few times. On one of occasions she was walking upstairs, she stepped back and let the old lady pass her as it was not the done thing to cross on the stairs. Only after mum got to the top of the stairs did she realise what she had done and came back downstairs to find the old ladys rocking chair rocking.
    Mom told us this story with conviction, I can't say I either believe or disbelieve she saw a ghost? but I am sure something happened albeit explainable.

    Mom also told us that when her dad died I think in All Saints Hospital? at the time he died mom answered a knock at the door fully expecting to see her dad....... the knock was rapped out on the door in the way he usually did. No-one was at the door? and some time later a policeman called to tell her that her father had died. Time of death was the same as when the door was knocked.

    Some months ago I was in John Houghtons house, sitting at a table in his living room. At the other end of the room was a peice of timber propped against the wall and angled into the corner. With no visible means the wood moved, it cant of slid because of the angle it was propped at, and it lay into a corner. Something made it move? I also noticed a very strong smell of cigarette smoke....... No one in the house at that time smoked? I guess John could tell you his thoughts about this, I'm not sure what I had witnessed, but witness it I did, and I cant understand what made the wood move, none of us were near it.

    We have a local Pub/Restaraunt called the Moat House, I was in there with friends a month ago and as we left the people running the place bid us farewell and began telling us of some really strange things that are currently happening there, sure it could be waffle, but one of my friends had a bit of an experience there on the evening in question, shes down to earth and really very sensible, but as she sat in the loo the toilet roll turned in the cubicle next to hers, she was alone in the loos?

    It's possible of course these stories have been embelished over the years, and I guess too that Ive added or left out bits of the story, however I believe what my mom told me to be the truth and that she had a belief that something had happened that was perhaps hard to give a rational explanation for. It's no matter that we believe in ghosts or not believe in them, it just matters that things do happen that cant be explained sometimes and perhaps one day folk will find a way to explain such events.

    WINSTON master brummie

    An Elderly Man Who I Knew Went Into Hospital Because He Had An Hernia.i Went To See Him Every Other Day.on The Day I Did Not Have To Visit Him .i Was Out Working And When I Got Back.the Wife Told Me Our Dog Was Stareing At The Clock On The Wall Then He Went Under The Table Cowering And Moaning .this Was At About 3pm.the Following Day When I Was In The Shower.someone Came To The House And Informed Us That The Elderly Man Had Died The Previous Day.time Of Death.about 3 Pm.
    Who Knows? I Am Still A Sceptic.
  14. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie

    Thanks for sharing guys.....

    This is the truly wonderful thing about this subject - it doesn't matter whether you happen to believe or not, these sort of things happen to normal, rational people on a daily basis...... Of course, it will all boil down to a matter of interpretation at the end of the day - though, being an integral part of human experience since time immemorial, such affairs command (deserve) our attention and objective study.....

    While I'm a sceptic (by belief), I would never presume to dismiss anyones experiences as plain bunkum...... or presume to criticise them for believing in such things.


  15. Pomgolian

    Pomgolian Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

    I agree with Nick's statement.... I have heard first hand from both Rod and John about 'That piece of timber' in John's house. I would never presume after meeting them both to tell them it was all in their minds, unless I had been there myself.

    Pom :angel:
  16. gingerjon

    gingerjon master brummie

    I have lived in this house of mine for many years and learned to live with certain things taking place Rod mentioned a piece of wood moving which shook hin up a bit as for the cigarette smoke this as taken place quite regular with many theories of what causes it by the way we have a strict no smoking rule normally but the smoke takes no notice and continues to this day it reminds me of the old night watchman smoking is clay pipe.
    it does no harm except it as upset a couple of visitors going to the loo.
    I have been asked who is the old man up stairs, as I don't know I can't say. i have had to fit a seperate light on the landing which switches on in our bedroom as the wife will not go out in the dark.
    I will own up I use it also :go:
  17. Beryl M

    Beryl M Guest

    This is just a theory – A ghost is simply the spiritual embodiment of a person who dies. It's the energy of the self-image or the soul, if you will, all of us have within us. This energy never ceases to exist, not even after the physical body dies.

    The personality contained within that energy wouldn’t change would it? If a person was kind and laidback and easy going, the spirit of that person will remain the same after death. Or if a person was a mean son-of-a-gun, he'll remain mean after death.

    The scent of a person would also remains intact after death. With the subtle scent of perfume they used. . . or in the case of John's ghost 'smoke '

    When death occurs, I guess the spirit would have the choice to either go up to the Eternal Light, or to stay here on this Earthly Plane. As the body dies, which is usually not suddenly, the soul would have some time to decide where he or she wants to go. As the systems of the body shut down, one by one, the soul, knowing it has to go somewhere, starts to make that decision. . ..

    If a person chooses to go to the Eternal Light, that's where they'll remain in the natural order of things. But they would only get one chance to go there. If they decide to stay on the Earthly Plane, they're stuck, as it were. They won't get another chance unless someone on Earth intercedes for them, and shows them the way. . .

    Why would a soul stay?. I suspect some liked what they had on earth too much to leave it. . .

    Whether it is true or not it is said that Liberace, for example, loved the adulation of the crowds and his spirit can often be found playing his favourite piano, dressed in his favourite glittering costumes in his museum in Las Vegas.
  18. Nicholas

    Nicholas master brummie

    I have to admit that I am the least spiritual person I know - so I certainly don't believe ghosts and hauntings have anything to do with some form of 'life after death' scenario.... (Nor do I have any time for the sort of people who claim to be able to 'talk' with the dear-departed!!)

    Regarding the 'moving plank' scenario - one of our group members have a very similar experience at an allegedly haunted house a few months ago. Instead of wood, there was a mountain bike propped against a wall, leaning at an angle of about 70 degrees. As the chap was sitting talking, the bike simply lifted away from the wall - to upright - and them plopped back down again. No one near the bike at the time and it wasn't just a simple case of the bike 'slipping' - it actually rocked upright and then back down again....

    With regards to smoke, this is something which occurred sometimes in my old house - an event which my grandmother always put down to my grandad 'returning' (He was a heavy smoker in life). The smell was always detected on the turn of the staircase.....

    I have to admit that I always found such a choice of manifestation to be somewhat ironic really, as it had been the fags that caused his premature demise!!!

    Best wishes to all,


  19. Di.Poppitt

    Di.Poppitt master brummie

    In my family one aunt was a spiritualist and another a disbeliever in any faith. There were lots of very strange happenings as I grew up and one I recall vividly. My disbelieving aunt was alone downstairs her husband having gone to bed before her. She had been hoovering and left the brush leaning against the wall, it wouldn't stay where she put it, it just fell over. She was cross first of all, and then after a few tries she began to get goose bumps, and then a bit of bravado took over, she took a newspaper and folded it half and then in half again, and then sat on it. She put it on the floor and told it to open - and it did in front of her. She said she had never been quite so afraid.
  20. bilsat

    bilsat master brummie

    Pinfold House

    Hi Nick
    Found this pic and text on the net.
    17th century, altered. Timber-framed; stuccoed; old tile roof. Two storeys; 4 bays. Ground floor with a window, a modern door within modern surround but with original flat moulded hood, and 2 windows. First floor with a window, now window, a window and a blank window. All windows flush sashes with glazing bars. Moulded cornice and parapet. To the right, a lower wall hiding the office wing. the rear of exposed brick and with 2 projecting gabled bays.​

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