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Brummagem Magazine - December Issue - Article on Missing Silver Trophy Bowl


Brummie babby
Any of you who have read Decembers edition of Brummagem Magazine will have read my article on The Mystery of The Missing Trophy Bowl. For those of you who have not read it, in brief, My Grandfather in 1964 oversaw the maunufacture of a Silver Trophy bowl which at the time was considered to be the largest in the World. He worked for A E Edwards Silversmith based in Pemberton Street, Hockley. The Trophy was commisioned by philanthropist Sir David James and was eventually presented to the Welsh League of Youth, as an eisteddfod trophy.

I am trying to trace this Trophy, not now knowing its whereabouts although a family member did hear at one time it may have been in the possession of a Rugby Club in Aberystwyth.

If anyone can pass any light on this Trophy or its whereabouts I would be delighted to hear from you.

Rob Wright

Here a a few pictures taken at the time of its manufacture.

Myself (right) and Cousin Karen with my Grandfather

The finished version


Brummie babby
As an update to this article, it would appear that a cousin of mine who lives in Wales has made some enquiries and has tracked the bowl down to an activity centre in Llangranog near Cardigan. I hope to visit in the New Year to view the bowl.


How interesting I am so pleased you have managed to find where the bowl is. I know Llangranog well we visit often in the summer as we have a caravan not far away. There is a lovely cafe almost on the beach there. A very pretty place but a long narrow road to get there.


gone but not forgotten
good morning wendy on this damp day it may be ;
would you or any other member would recall or even know when the first brum magerzine first published as i am trying and desprate to get a copy o a certain issue
but my problem is i do not know what issue it would have been printed it a picture of jamica row and my ancester posing out side in jamica row and afew shops
which was as i recall the pub close bye and its a story printed i beleive with my great grad father and his sons and i think with a couple of friends
posing out side one of there bussiness called banna ovens which is also another members off this site her mothers ran for the jelfs
her name is irene jelf and she was my mothers cousin i wanted to get a copy so i could read the story line that went with it
i was sent a bad copy of the picture with no story line and you cannot see the back drop of the bussiness as it was a very bad photo copy
i can only presume it would have been in the first period ofthis story was printed in the old brum magerzine by carl chinn;
so i washoping that some one my have acopy of that editiion ; and could inform me of the period is it worth me writing to them to see if they can trace it for me or not
on there records many thanks astonian;


gone but not forgotten
How are you keeping ; fine i hope ?
no col i did notget around to it because some one saidthey was sending me a copy but never received it and i lost the publiishers addess address ;
colin ; you are a star ; for coming to my rescue and i am now logging it down emediately and i will contact them today whilst i am on the case
many thanks again colin and i wish all the best for 2012; have a great day and keep up all the good work you are doing for us ;;; alan ;; astonian


Brummie babby
A further update - The bowl at the Urd Centre Llangranog is in fact a trophy and not a bowl. However Mr Alan Gripton the Gentleman in the white overall in the picture with the lady in the bowl has been in contact with me, he seems to think the bowl came back to A E Jones in 1976 for display at a NEC Fayre and then may have been sold to someone or company in Nottingham. This very vague and whilst it did come back to Birmingham in 1976 where it has gone since then is a mystery.